The diversified multinational KGK group has its foundation in the gemstone trade. The group is involved in the gemstone mining and processing business. The group has four major mining investments: two Emerald mines, one Paraiba mine and one Rubellite mine. KGK’s highly skilled and experienced team of gemmologists and engineers work towards extracting some of the most beautiful gemstones in the most sustainable and environment friendly fashion possible.

At the moment the KGK Group invests in primary gemstone mining in South America and Africa. It is committed towards ethical sourcing and benefiting local communities. The company sources from Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia.

KGK has several tie ups from where it sources raw material. It is then cut and polished to deliver an exceptional range of precious and semi-precious gemstones. These high quality gemstones processed by the KGK Group are available to wholesale customers and they also become a part of the group’s own jewellery business.

The group has world-class designers who create pieces that meet the highest global standards of craftsmanship and fashion. The products are known for their quality across the world. The group is associated with the leading miners of the world, which gives it extra credibility that customers look for in a world-class supplier and manufacturer.

Large operations in the gems and jewellery trade make the group’s offerings cost effective and beneficial to customers. The cost benefits teamed with comprehensive support for the customer’s operations make it a player to reckon with.

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