In this age of globalization, reaching anyone has become easier than ever before. Be it a message to the world or just placing the right word for the right person to see, communication and placement approach has made it easier for people and brands to connect with friends, fans and consumers. While the rest of the world is busy putting up the same strategies to grow over and over using same platforms for a limited part of the world to see, our approach to the world and our buyers included diversifying our base, which helped us immensely.

As a pioneer in the industry, KGK Group has been home to some of the finest pieces of jewellery and gemstones from around the world. Our diverse approach is one of the biggest contributors to our current standing in the industry. While the brand progressed to become one of the leaders in the jewellery industry, we continue to grow our avenues of diversity, letting the same diversity further the name of our brand. Here’s how!

How Diversity in our Approach helped our brand grow?

When we say diversity, we don’t just mean origination from different places, but also the use of a unique strategy to get ahead in the field. Our goal has been to present the best and truest form of jewellery and gemstones to our buyers, irrespective of where they come from, as long as they come to us through ethical practices. And as we speak, there are three pillars of our diverse approach towards our work that have upheld our name in the industry and continue to help us grow. These are:

  • Diverse Locations: Diversity does mean origination from different places, and hence diversifying our search for the finest gemstones around the world really helped us grow. Our mines in Angola, Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, Myanmar, etc., not only helped us in getting a wider spread through the world, but also helped us reach local talents all around the world.

  • Process and Channel Control: KGK Group has been a known name in the industry because of their authentic work and certifications of authenticity that help our buyers track the entire history of their purchase. This has come with our rigorous regulation and presence at every step in the process of manufacturing. When we control the channel that our work goes through, we offer the same diversity to each and every one of our buyers.

  • Social Media: Social media is a vast place with a really wide scope when it comes to reaching the correct audience. With jewellery and gemstones, almost everyone becomes an audience. The main motto of using social media to our brand’s advantage was to showcase our work to the right audience. So we created the right definition of our brand through an effective story, making sure that we showcase only real sparkles, and shared our diversity with everyone connected to our social platforms.

In simpler words, our approach to diversity has been a true reflection of our ethics, integrity, and commitment. That is why it has garnered us a lot of attention for our work over the years. As we continue to grow, we will make sure that this growth remains consistent and embodies in every effort that we make towards creating a more sustainable planet. As the leading jewellery manufacturer in Hong Kong , KGK Group is happy to announce that the relationship between a brand and its global presence is more symbiotic than it is given credit for. We simply believe: “One grows with the other.”

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