KGK Group has had a long-standing commitment to delivering only the highest of gemstones to its customers. It is a promise that the group has been fulfilling right from the beginning of their venture almost a century ago.

In the year 1905, the founding fathers of KGK Group started sourcing coloured gemstones from across the border and bringing them to India for distribution. More than 115 years later, KGK Group has transformed into a name to be reckoned in the gemstone industry with business spread across 16 countries and 5 continents of the world.

How has that come to be and from where the group sources its excellent quality gemstones? This blog talks about all the KGK Group’s sources of coloured gemstones from around the world.

Gemstone Sources of KGK Group Around the World

  • Myanmar
    Myanmar, the home of the famous Burmese Ruby, is where the actual business of the KGK Group started. One of the only 3 places in the world that produce gem-quality rubies, Myanmar holds a large portion of the gem trade in the world. With a relationship that goes beyond a century, KGK Group maintains a position at the source of rubies in Burma.

  • Sri Lanka
    The fabled Ceylon Sapphires have fascinated the world with their beauty and colour. KGK Group has been sourcing high-quality sapphires from Sri Lanka for years now and delivering them to buyers at the right price.

  • Madagascar
    Madagascar is famous for the rich deposits of a number of minerals. For the gemstone industry, however, Madagascar is a rich source of a number of gemstones, with the special inclusion of high-quality rubies and many coloured sapphires. The Sapphires found here come in a variety of colours, including blue, pink, yellow, green, white and padparadscha.

  • Mozambique
    Another great treasure trove of minerals in Africa, Mozambique is famous for its rich coloured and high-quality rubies, some of which even hold the same value as Burmese rubies. Mozambique is one of the few special locations in Africa that KGK Group is closely associated with.

  • Tanzania
    The only place in the world that holds the unique, trichroic gemstone; Tanzanite is Tanzania. With a deep blue-purple-brown hue, this gemstone is comparatively newer to the world history, found only 5 decades ago. However, the demand and attraction for this gemstones has compelled KGK Group to maintain a presence at its very source.

  • Zambia
    Zambia is home to the highest quality of emeralds that can be found on this side of the world. They have the most distinct green colour with a slight blue undertone to them that is believed to be the result of iron deposits inside the stones. This is the reason they remain to be in the world’s eye a lot.

  • Brazil
    Aquamarine, emeralds, and Paribas, the three beautiful gemstones that Brazil gives to the world are nothing short of brilliant. Not just these, Brazil is home to a number of other gemstones as well, that KGK Group brings to its customers.

  • Colombia
    When people say emeralds from South America, the high-quality gemstones from Colombia are often the first choice for people. Recognised for their fine quality, these gemstones are in high demand around the world, which is why you will find them on KGK Group’s line of manufactured gemstones.
With one of the most integrated supply chains and a great team that takes care of everything, from sourcing to certifications to manufacturing, and even distribution, KGK Group has managed to reach retailers’ and buyers’; expectations. As gemstone distributer in India, KGK Group is proud of its legacy and ensures only that every buyer gets the worth of their money with every stone that they buy. For more information or enquiry, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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