Humankind’s fascination for gemstones is from time immemorial. Gemstones are sparkling, colourful, and whatnot. It is a human tendency to gravitate toward shiny and bright objects. They also enhance the beauty and personality of the wearer and are considered one of the best investments.

Different colours of gemstones signify differently; according to gemologist Antoinette Matlins, red gemstones symbolize heart and passion, green gemstones represent rebirth and loyalty, and white or transparent stones signify friendship and integrity. Some buy gemstones for religious and spiritual purposes. While some of them buy for their grace and charm, and some as a lucrative investment. Women prefer amazingly crafted beautiful gemstone jewelry,

Why KGK Group is the Most Reliable Source for Buying Gemstones

The KGK Group, established in 1905, is the gems & jewellery industry pioneer. KGK sources diamonds directly from the mines in South Africa and organized markets in Antwerp, London. Hence they are the finest diamonds available on the market. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are sourced from mines in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. KGK Group is one of the most trusted and reliable wholesale gemstones suppliers and manufacturers of everlasting, timeless, and elegant jewellery.
  • KGK’s gems are cut and polished by incredible artisans in India, China, and Thailand.
  • KGK mines its gemstones and diamonds, has a presence in 18 countries, is a global manufacturer, and has worldwide distribution.
  • It offers an array of choices from technologically manufactured jewellery to fine hand-crafted masterpieces.
  • We provide natural diamonds and began the distribution of diamonds in 1969. The quality of gemstones you find at KGK is unmatched; there is an exceptional range of natural stones in every colour, carat, and cut.


If you are thinking of buying gemstones for yourself or your loved ones, now you know whom to approach – KGK Group. It is one of the most trusted gemstone suppliers and manufacturers of dazzling gemstone jewellery. Your search for the most authentic, elegant, timeless gemstone jewellery will end at KGK Group.
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