A good business is the one that thrives where it is, but a great business expands beyond its boundaries. As an embodiment of this statement, KGK Group proudly announced the inauguration of its second jewellery manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand. Aimed at furthering the production capacity of the group, the new unit is a rather special addition to the portfolio. Spread in a thousand square meters, the new provision is state-of-the-art in all aspects, be it manufacturing or planning. It comes with a stronger strategy for work and is bound to have a higher capacity than the pre-existing manufacturing base in Bangkok.

What It Has?

Located in the Gemopolis Industrial Estate, an industrial section of the city of Bangkok, this unit has seen a huge investment of approximately $1 Million. This investment goes beyond the basic construction, furniture, and fixtures, meaning it will have a lot more than these simpler things.

It has also got the latest, high-tech German and Japanese machinery, alongside the new De Beers Group’s testing machines, the combined effort of which will be reduced delivery times and consistent high quality. Designed very ergonomically, this manufacturing base is built to hold 350 working staff at a time in order to ensure that the operations run smoothly and the demands are met without compromises. The employee-friendly floor planning of the units is a thoughtful approach to boost the overall productivity by 20%.

What Will It Do?

Introduced into the jewellery manufacturing segment of the KGK Group, this establishment will be in the works of producing medium commercial to high-end jewellery with metals like Gold, Silver, and Platinum. The jewellery that will be manufactured here will also feature high-quality diamonds and precious & semi-precious stones. In addition, it is designed to address the export demand coming from the markets of Europe, South East Asia, Japan, and the USA.

With the help of the new provision the KGK Group will be able to cater to the wholesalers and retailers of these markets with a certain ease. Adding to the overall capacity of the 12,000-member strong team of the KGK Group, it is a grand addition to the overall manufacturing capacity. It is not just an expansion into the country of Thailand, it is an expansion into bigger, better, and more competitive markets.

With this facility, the KGK Group further has strengthened its position in the gems and jewellery sector. This expansion, coming at a crucial time for everyone, is another reminder of why KGK Group is often regarded as the best. Join hands with a growing multinational conglomerate and get an assured promise of the highest quality, delivered to you. Get in touch with our experts today.

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