Sophisticated manufacturing technology, ethical sourcing and presence across the value chain help the KGK group deliver the best quality diamonds and diamond jewellery. Find out more below.

The KGK Group began diamond distribution back in 1969. The company started manufacturing finished diamonds in 1986 and went on to become a respected name in the diamond business. KGK is always at the center of the global diamond trade and its diamond operations are based in Antwerp and Belgium. KGK’s diamond experts come with years of experience and expertise in selecting the best stones that keeps the value chain healthy and reflects positively on the performance. The processing of stones takes place in KGK manufacturing units based in India, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

Diamond customers globally are looking for natural and ethical diamonds coming from sustainable mining practices. Years of expertise and hard work in the industry helps KGK built trust with its clients and deliver what they are looking for.

KGK has established an integrated supply pipeline, which helps them deliver quality products. KGK tracks all its diamonds from a rough piece of rock to a glittering piece of jewellery.

The hard work done by KGK over the years across its value chain has helped it won many accolades. The KGK Group is a Sightholder of the De Beers Group. In addition we are proud to be Alrosa Alliance Members and Rio Tinto Select Diamantaires.

Being an established player in the diamond trade it brings a wide variety of choice to the table along with excellent quality. The company offers an exceptional range of natural, colourless and coloured stones in every perceivable size, shade and shape that the company offers.

The group employs the best and latest in manufacturing technology. It uses the most sophisticated standards of manufacturing and constantly innovates to better the production process. DiaMark™ laser marking, Galaxy™ diamond mapping and water jet laser cutting are the techniques employed in manufacturing facilities at KGK. The healthy volumes processed by the group and benefits of efficiencies of scale help it deliver value to its customers.

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