Jewellery theft- the worst nightmare of all; happens with all too often. If you have some valuable, stunning jewellery pieces at your home, you are obviously at risk of theft. Home safety statics from many countries show that jewellery is among the most common item stolen in burglaries. In fact, most of the thieves target persons with jewellery on their body for stealing.


Letting your guard down is never wise. The rise in criminal activities demands more safety. However, the good news is- there are some easy and intelligent ways to keep your jewellery from theft. Check them out!

Certified Jewellery

It is easier to sell less-identifiable, high-cost pieces in the market and hence thieves steal them first. The best policy is to buy certified jewellery, gems, and stones with hallmark so that identification becomes easy. Not only the buyer will be afraid of re-purchasing the stolen pieces, the certification numbers and hallmark; all can be used to identify the stolen ones. That’s the only chance you would have to get the gems back once stolen!

Don’t Leave Jewellery Unattended

Thefts happen when the owner is reluctant to care about their jewels. They are often stolen when lying around in easy-to-access places like desks, shelves, etc. Get yourself a robust, secure safe and keep all your valuables inside them. You can also use hidden safe disguised as a showpiece. Also, never leave your jewellery unattended for a long time.

Jewellery Theft on the Go

While some thieves act on opportunities to steal, many go to elaborate lengths and target expensive jewellery holders. However, some difficult to describe “instincts” can be relied on to recognise risky situations. If you suspect a person as undercover, be alert and don’t hesitate to call on emergency numbers.

Jewellery Insurance

Even after so much precaution, you can’t 100% prevent your jewellery from larceny. Therefore, you should always have your jewellery insured so that you can get the best possible compensation.

Snap It

This might be sounding useless, but it is very useful. Take a snap of every jewellery piece you own. Not only it will serve as a proof of ownership, but it will also come in handy when you find something in ‘lost and found.’


Thefts happen quickly, but recovering from it takes longer. It is thus suggested to take extra care so that thieves can’t sneak in.

We, at KGK, are committed to providing authentic and certified gems & jewellery pieces so that you can identify them with the unique mark on them. You can find a wide range of wholesale fashion jewellery in China and India with hallmark.
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