Like all natural diamonds, natural yellow diamonds are formed in a long and fascinating process. While many of the basics of how to buy a diamond apply to all types of diamonds, they actually vary among different colors. The unique color of yellow diamonds comes from the presence of nitrogen in their composition, and is one of the most naturally occurring colored diamonds.

Selecting a yellow diamond

As with colorless diamonds, the 4Cs play a big role when evaluating yellow diamonds. To explain the effect of the 4 C’S on the definition and pricing of yellow diamonds, we will start with the color parameter.


With yellow diamonds, the shade of yellow and its intensity are critical aspects. The higher the intensity level, the more expensive the diamond will be. You can maximize the color of the diamond by the settings and design you choose for it. The intensity scale of colored diamonds goes as follows: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense and the Fancy Vivid.


For colorless diamonds clarity is more important compared to colored ones, because the color of the stone tends to hide any flaws. So when you are buying a yellow diamond make sure that it is clear to the naked eye. Yellow diamonds are known to be found in nature with relatively high clarity grading. This means that finding yellow diamonds with good clarity is relatively an easy task.


As the weight of the yellow diamond increases, so does the cost exponentially. This also means that a slight difference in carat could mean a huge spike in price. Remember carat does not mean size but weight. A 1 carat yellow diamond will be much higher than the price per carat of half a carat diamond (meaning that 2*0.50ct diamonds cost less than 1*1ct diamond).


In a yellow colored diamond, the quality of the cut helps to bring out the best color of the stone. Fancy shapes compliment colored diamonds beautifully. They tend to bring out the best color of the stone.

Yellow diamonds are gorgeous, symbolizing freshness, happiness, honor, loyalty and enlightenment. Read more about selecting yellow diamonds
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