A marquise cut is a modified brilliant, awe-inspiring cut with two pointed ends, complemented by an elongated surface in the middle. Known by the name the ‘navette’ or the football cut, marquise diamond cut is seen rarely compared to other vintage cuts. Although diamonds in marquise form have been around for centuries, they failed to brag the same level of popularity as other diamonds. In fact, the production of these diamonds stands roughly at 1.5% of the total production of diamonds.

However, the long, narrow shape of it looks excellent on a ring finger. Due to its less popularity, we have decided to cater to the requirements of customers by providing them minute details about it so they can make an informed decision before purchasing them.

Every Diamond has a Different Story

The marquise brings to mind the elegance and sophistication of the nobility of French. Its origin can be dated back to the 18th century when the then king of France wanted a diamond cut in the shape that resembled his mistress’s lips.

The name ‘marquise’ represents a rank above a ‘count’, and below a ‘duke’ in the kingdom of King Louis XV. So, it is typically a hierarchal namesake between the two. The courtiers used to wear marquise-cut diamonds to show off their rank.

The Basics

The cut is known by many different names; boat-shaped cut, the football-shaped cut, the eye-shaped cut or the navette.

GIA does not grade marquise for cut, which implies that GIA certificate will have all the other ‘Cs’ other than the ‘Cut.’

Features: An Overview

Generally comprising of 58 facets; it has 25 facets on the pavilion and 33 facets on the crown. With this, it boasts the largest crown surface of any diamond, creating the illusion of grand size.

The length to width ratio becomes essential in a marquise cut. The popular ratios range between 1.85 and 2.10 and mostly cut according to personal preferences.

The symmetry is paramount in marquise cuts. Remember, the left and the right surfaces in marquise diamonds will be a mirror of one another with two ends completely aligned with each other.

A Perfect Choice

This shape is perfect for long slender fingers and often looks stunning with a pear-shaped or round side stone. It is a versatile choice for jewellery like an eternity band. The eye-catchy shape makes ideal and stunning neckpiece jewelleries. While you can craft them into any jewellery piece, they look absolutely brilliant in an engagement ring.

Now that you know the mesmerising history and facts about marquise cut diamond, you can stand out from the crowd by choosing a marquise jewellery piece for yourself. You can purchase a marquise diamond from fine jewellery wholesalers to complement your look. KGK group has an extensive collection of jewellery with stunning marquise diamonds embedded intricately. You can also customise your jewellery at KGK stores to get a tailored product exactly as per your requirements. Our world of diamonds awaits your presence!
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