Healthcare is often a big issue in a developing nation. While it is often talked about and debated over passionately, the pace of growth and the zeal to do something pushes the common man to suffer. This is something the KGK Group wanted to eliminate, it wanted to provide the people with dignified healthcare to fight one of the biggest healthcare challenges of the 21st century – cancer. Read on to know more

Perhaps the biggest loss a person can face is the loss of a loved one. It is impossible to compensate for such a loss. But good healthcare that leads to timely and correct treatment, which can save a life, is something that is achievable.

Knowing the lack of good healthcare for cancer patients in not just Rajasthan, but all of North India – the KGK Group worked towards launching a cancer hospital in Jaipur. In 1997 the group established the Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (BMCHRC) in Jaipur.

The hospital is at the core of the group’s philosophy of giving back to the society and over the years it has helped numerous patients and saved many lives. There is no better feeling than the feeling of having saved a life.

With this in mind the KGK Group funds and runs the hospital and research center that has gone on to become one of north India’s best super specialty cancer treatment hospital. BMCHRC is also devoted to the cause of fighting cancer with the knowledge it has gathered by treating patients for so many years.

When developing the hospital the group left no stone unturned and has tried to make it state of the art facility that serves the society. It is a 200-bed NABH accredited institution which provides advanced medical services to cancer patients. One of the things that sets BMCHRC apart from other healthcare ventures is that care and compassion are at the center of the treatment that hospital provides. The entire hospital staff is dedicated towards providing the best treatment and utmost care to the patients fighting this life-threatening disease.

The hospital includes a surgical oncology department, medical oncology department, radiation oncology department, radiology, pathology and a blood bank. A separate seven-storied IPD block was recently added to contribute to patient care. KGK group is trying to bring the best in cancer-care to BMCHRC and to the patients who will be benefitted by it. The hospital has provided cancer patients from all over the state and even some neighbouring states to receive healthcare near them. Many patients would have otherwise had to travel as far as Mumbai and other big cities in order to get specialised care.

The group also understands the needs of women patients and has worked to provide an all-women cancer care wing that provides treatment to women patients in a comfortable environment.

BMCHRC endeavours to help its patients with a personal touch and even extends moral and financial aid to those who need it.

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