Diamonds are the precious stones that are used in jewellery and are also a high investment commodity. With so many diamond options to choose from, find the ones that are ideal for your requirements. Every buyer has his own search criteria, but here are some helpful points to consider for every class of diamond buyer:

1. Consider the four C’s

The diamonds are one of the most valued gem stones and that is what make it essential to consider the four C’s of diamonds:

i. Carat : Carat is basically the weight of the diamond that can be calculated very easily. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.200 grams. The weight of carat was set in the early 20th century and is still the same. Carat is the major factor that determines the price of a diamond and the price of diamonds increase with the increase in size.

ii. Colour : Color choice is a matter of preference but it is still important to know that colour grading plays a major role in determining the price of a diamond. Colour grading ranges from D to Z where D grade is the purest colourless diamond grade.

iii. Clarity : Not every diamond is flawless because most of them has a series of internal or external flaws like nits, pits, cracks, lines and scratches. Some flaws are clearly visible to the naked eye whereas others can only be witnessed with the help of a microscope. Clarity grading is done on the basis of the number of flaws found, colour, size, placement and visibility.

iv. Cut : Another major factor is the cut of a diamond. An expert cutter can create the angles and proportions that result to a great sparkle where as a wrong cut will just diminish the sparkle of the diamond.

2. Choose a shape

Every buyer has his/her own shape preference. The right diamond shape is the one that you would choose to buy. Generally, the round shape brings out the best sparkle and has the highest value. A round diamond looks whiter than the other diamond shapes and delivers the maximum shine. Not every rough diamond has the desired dimensions to be cut into round shape and that is what resulted to a variety of diamond shapes.

These are the major factors that should be looked upon for buying the right diamond. So, choose wisely and make sure you buy the perfect one for you.

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