The KGK group has investments in primary gemstone mining in South America and Africa. It believes in the virtues of working sustainably and it is committed to doing this wherever the group invests or sources from. KGK is required to maintain a sensitive balance. It is very important to keep in mind safety and environmental sustainability.

To achieve all of this, one of the most important work practises that KGK Group has embedded into its working is that no sourcing is done from conflict zones. This is essential to strike the right balance between corporate goals and social responsibility. This makes sure that the quality of gemstones that KGK uses are of the highest quality. In its endeavour to bring highest quality goods to its customers the KGK Group has ensured that it invests in the right places. Gemmologists and engineers at KGK are working towards extracting a range of highly desirable exotic coloured gemstones that include: Paraibas, Emeralds and Rubellites.

To extract these stones in the best possible manner, ethical sourcing is the first step. KGK Group tries to benefit local communities in the mining region. It is again a step to bridge the gap between the corporate and the community. To make the lives of people in the region better and to make operations sustainable this is perhaps the most important step in the whole process. The group also ensures that any sourcing or mining it does is ethical and compliant to the highest standards across the world. The company employs best practices from around the globe and only does ethical sourcing.

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