The success or failure of an enterprise depends on the entrepreneurial quality of its entrepreneurs. Over time, there has been a constant debate on what makes entrepreneurship successful. People layout several attributes which, according to them, are indispensable parts of entrepreneurship. And, in this process, one thing that has contributed largely to bring businesses to their present state is the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) that are carried out by many large firms to instill skill development in their employees. Economies across the world have recognised the role of EDP as an important engine of economic growth and employment; fostering innovation and poverty reduction. It is an effective program that blends learning with practical teamwork exercises to develop entrepreneurial skills in individuals.

KGK’s business ideology strongly supports the inculcation, development, and polishing of entrepreneurial skills in its employee’s. As the diamond industry in South Africa was hit by several challenges like declining workforce, lack of synergy, etc. KGK recognised that the entrepreneurial activities were non-existent or bare minimum. Therefore, being the leading industry patron and the largest manufacturer of diamonds in South Africa, KGK became the key partner for the EDP program. Let’s have a look at the initiative of KGK- a diversified EDP program that encourages inclusive growth and livelihood for all.

Highlights of KGK’s EDP Practices

KGK’s EDP efforts guide the individuals on how to kick-start a business and how to sustain it successfully, in the future run. A number of steps have been undertaken in this regard; some of which are:

From Mines to Brands Approach

To bring out value from each vertical, and to capitalise full potential of each department, KGK ensures that complete training and understanding of the value chain is provided to the workforce under EDP. Individuals performing exceptionally well are selected for full-scale and in-depth training.

In addition, individuals are exposed to planning, laser marking, laser sawing, bruiting, and grading skills that are essential in the manufacturing and processing of raw diamonds into pieces of treasure.

Along with this, to make the diamond industry more ethical, transparent, and sustainable, the program promotes the understanding of the diamond’s origin from environmentally responsible sources and instills integrity in the employees.

Towards Holistic Development

The training session is followed by a concluding session where individuals are prepared for a wide range of career, including one as a diamantaire. This program is the right kick-start for individuals who want to start their business or excel in the current one.

Tenure of the Programme

This program is more of a process that aids in the transformation of an individual into an entrepreneur. Keeping this in mind, KGK has structured its program for 6-8 months, which is again distributed into multiple segments for superior learning.

KGK’s EDP has worked as a catalyst in the industry and helped the new generation to become proud custodians of tomorrow. The skills imbibed during and through the EDP are relevant in all aspects of business and will support the young minds in matters related to diamond manufacturing and other businesses.

EDP strongly believes, ‘skills require polishing and incubation to transform an individual into an entrepreneur.’ In line with this, KGK’s EDP is not just a training program, but it is a structured process that is designed to benefit individuals in the long run. As the leading diamond jewelry manufacturers , KGK encourages and invests in initiates like these to foster inclusive and equal growth.
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