Diamonds have captivated us for centuries with their luminous fire and ice. Apart from the other gemstones, diamonds are considered supreme which symbolises long-lasting love and commitment. Beyond the classic round brilliant, innovative diamond cuts showcase the stone’s beauty in unique ways. One that continues gaining popularity is the pear cut diamond. With its elegant teardrop silhouette, the pear cut adds sophistication to modern jewellery designs. Let’s discover the beauty and the applications of pear cut diamonds.

Significance of Pear Shaped Stones

The pear cut, also called pendeloque, takes the form of an elongated teardrop, culminating in a single point. One side curves gracefully outward while the opposite tapers in. This imbalanced outline creates a sense of movement and delicacy. When set into a ring or pendant, the pear shape appears weightless and flowing. Its elongated silhouette flatters and lengthens fingers. Compared to a round diamond, the pear’s larger surface area heightens its brilliance. The cut requires precise artistry to ensure ideal symmetry and proportions.

Styling Pear Cut Diamonds

The versatile pear shape diamond pairs elegantly with both classic and modern settings, making it a favourite for all types of jewellery.

Solitaire Rings: A pear cut solitaire ring allows the mesmerising teardrop stone to take centre stage. For a breathtaking look, choose a pear diamond set with prongs in a minimalist band of platinum or white gold. The purity of the metal showcases the singular stone. Or, opt for yellow or rose gold bands for a warmer, vintage aesthetic. Adding a diamond encrusted setting intensifies the pear cut’s radiance.

Halo Settings: One way to make pear cut diamonds eye-catching is by surrounding them with a halo of smaller accent stones. The halo of paving or micro-set diamonds frames the centre pear, amplifying its brilliance. Double or triple halo settings provide even more sparkle. Halo rings work beautifully for engagement rings, anniversary bands, or any jewellery meant to be striking.

Three Stone Rings: The pear cut also lends itself well to three stone ring designs. Flank the centre pear diamond with two complementary shaped stones like ovals, princess cuts, or rounds. Their trio formation represents the past, present, and future. Three stone rings containing a pear cut diamond and accent stones in rose or yellow gold conveys timeless romance.

Vintage-Inspired: For a dreamy, retro look, pair pear diamonds with delicate vintage settings. Intricate filigree and milgrain metalwork add old-world allure. Or, create an art deco vibe with geometric lines and patterns featuring pear diamonds as centrepieces. Their nostalgic glamour reminds them of Hollywood’s golden age.

Fashion Rings: In modern fashion-forward rings, pear cut diamonds make edgy style statements. Stack two or three pear shapes together for high visual impact. Or layer them with other diamond cuts like emerald or baguette. Combining them with textured metals and abstract designs creates an avant-garde look. Let pear diamonds add a pop of elegance to your jewellery wardrobe.

Earrings & Pendants: Pear diamonds are ideal for dangling earrings or necklace pendants. As earrings, a single pear or cluster has eye-catching movement. The elongated shape also works beautifully for necklaces. You can also pair it with a delicate chain. Any way you style them, pear cut diamonds will add graceful sophistication.


Pear cut diamonds bring a touch of luxury, romance, and modernity to fine jewellery. If you seek a stone with sophistication and presence, the pear radiates an alluring elegance all its own. KGK Group specialises in crafting the world’s highest quality pear shaped diamond jewellery. KGK Group’s inventory includes stunning ready-to-wear as well as custom pear shaped diamond rings, earrings, pendants, and more. Allow KGK Group’s master jewellers to help you celebrate life’s brightest moments with the fire and distinction of pear shaped diamonds.