Coloured Gemstones have been around for millennia, by being an important part of the royalty’s luxury in the past, and by continuing to add a touch of colour, fancy, and grace into modern jewellery. Available in a wide range of colours, durabilities, and dedicated uses, these colour gemstones have now become an integral part of how jewellery is imagined and portrayed.

For a business like KGK Group that started its journey with the trade of coloured gemstones from Burma into India back in the year 1905, these stones mean much more than just trade. They have become a symbol that resonates with everything that the group does. And it all begins with one thing; ensuring quality at each and every step of the way. This blog details everything that KGK Group does to ensure the highest quality and the best prices of coloured gemstones.

The Factors of KGK Quality Coloured Gemstones

  • Varied Sourcing
    Because of the very nature of coloured gemstones, they don’t all occur in the same place. The sources for various coloured gemstones (precious and semi-precious, both) are numerous, and to provide the buyers with the best from all around the world, KGK Group sources various gemstones from specific locations around the world. This includes countries like Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Zambia.

  • Latest Equipment
    To help facilitate the proper handling and management of coloured gemstones, KGK Group has been constantly investing in the latest equipment in the market. This helps the group stay ahead of the competition by reducing the wait time, reducing cost, and reducing wastage of precious gem-quality stones.

  • Innovation
    As one of the leading few organisations in the world that source and manufacturer coloured gemstones, KGK Group also realises that it is in a position to improve the standards of polishing rough gemstones. As a result, KGK Group holds partnerships with leading technological firms across the globe that help in building novel solutions. These solutions are not only helpful for KGK Group, but also for other manufacturers around the world.

  • Trusted Distribution Network
    As a final step to reach the buyer with full credibility, KGK Group maintains an integrated and close-knit distribution infrastructure around the world. Capturing major markets, understanding the requirements of a buyer, and ensuring that they get the exact quality they are looking for are all only a fraction of the agile sales team who are stars of KGK Group.
Coloured gemstones are quickly becoming a thing of fascination for everyone around the world, which is they needed a proper structure. KGK Group introduces its own unique mine-to-market policy to ensure quality and authenticity at every step. As the expert Gemstone Manufacturer In Hong Kong, KGK Group understands the fact that authenticity matters a lot in this business, and thus, the only promise the group makes is of authenticity. To buy coloured gemstones in the highest quality or for any other assistance, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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