“Diamond- an Epitome of Love, Commitment & Grace” is every woman’s aspiration and her best friend. The timeless brilliance of diamonds augments the woman’s beauty, and gives her a gorgeous look. Both colorless and colored diamonds are in great demand. But are diamonds really rare? Let’s find out!

As per the available statistics for the year 2017, millions of natural diamond reserves are present all over the world with Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia, Botswana and South Africa, having 650, 150, 120, 90 and 70 million carats diamond reserves respectively. Hence, the given data clearly shows that diamonds are available in plenty.

Though there is no dearth of diamonds, but certain fancy colored diamonds are very rare to find. Mentioned below are the rarest diamonds in the world-

Red Diamonds :

The pure red diamonds do not exist, or perhaps, have not been discovered so far. The available red diamonds are purplish red or brownish red.

Blue Diamonds :

The stunning blue diamonds are second rarest ones; different shades of blue diamonds are-fancy, intense and deep blue, while the Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach Graff are the most famous blue diamonds.

Pink Diamonds :

‘Pink’ being a girly color, is most passionately preferred, when it comes to buying the mesmerizing stones. The Graff Pink, Steinmetz Pink and the Perfect Pink are the most celebrated pink diamonds.

Orange Diamonds :

Also called ‘Fire Diamonds’, orange diamonds are nature’s most beautiful creation. The Pumpkin Orange Diamond is the most famous one.

Green Diamonds :

The fancy green colored diamonds are available in different hues with the Ocean Dream and the Dresden Green Diamond being the most popular in this category.

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