The lustre of a diamond is accentuated by its cut. Often the cut is a factor for a number of things that a cutter has to keep in mind before giving the stone the shape it will have for the rest of its life. To know more, keep on reading!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Diamonds are forever. Say it with a diamond.  There is no dearth of proverbs when it comes to diamonds. Of all naturally occurring stones present in the depths of the earth, there is no other stone as enchanting as the diamond. It is one of those creations of nature that man is smitten with and the romance just refuses to die. But before the diamond becomes the centrepiece in jewellery, it is processed using some fine techniques and procedures.

There are many factors that go into deciding the final cut a diamond would take. One of the key factors in deciding the shape of the diamond is the original size of the rough stone. Then comes the type of flaws or inclusions that exist in the original stone. Based on these factors the cut of the diamond is decided – carat weight is also a major factor when cutting a diamond. Cutters often choose the cut which causes the least carat weight loss.

Popularity of a cut also plays an important role in determining the cut. Most diamond crystals are octahedron in shape and they are often cut in round shape as it causes the least weight loss. If there are too many inclusions or the crystal’s shape is a little deformed then the cutter is most likely to choose a fancy cut.

Among the many cuts that a diamond can be given – round, pear, princess, heart, oval, cushion, emerald etc are some common ones. You will find all manner of jewellery in these cuts. Some cuts are more suited to some types of jewellery like the pear shaped diamond is quite common in earrings as it resembles a drop of water.

KGK jewellery uses the versatility of the diamond stones to make some amazing jewellery for its global clientele. Some of the fancy cuts like princess, pear et al are used in some of the finest collections of KGK world over. Like in other types of jewellery clients have started demanding unique designs in diamond jewellery.

Things like engagement rings with solitaires are a vogue among those getting married. And one can find an engagement ring in all shapes and sizes in KGK’s collection. Same is the case with earrings or necklaces – round is no more the only shape that is available in diamonds. Pear shaped earrings, pendants or heart shaped studs as earrings are the choice of the new age buyer. With KGK group’s global exposure to trends in jewellery – their collection is often amongst the first few in the world to play with a new shape or design.

So, whatever your ensemble, there is a diamond cut out there that will suit it and perhaps even accentuate it.

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