White diamonds will always hold a superior place in the jewellery world. But the need to look different and trendy has brought attention to the world of coloured diamonds. Some colours like yellow and pink have become a total favourite with buyers and the trend is going to last forever.

Yellow diamonds

The trend of yellow diamonds is refusing to die down. Even though the slight yellow colour in a diamond is a sign of some impurity, buyers are demanding a yellow diamond as the centre piece in all sorts of jewellery. It seems everyone’s favourite diamond colour is canary yellow. People are flaunting tones ranging from intense yellow to a pale glow. Mostly, yellow diamonds are set in yellow gold and the combination looks fantastic together.

Shares of chocolate

The yellow diamond is too tame for some buyers and colours like chocolate are ultra-hot this year. These earth-toned diamonds are all the rage as they make the jewellery look different and become an interesting talking point.

Perfect pink

The combination of pink diamond and rose gold is a hot favourite among women of all age groups. The colour range of natural pink diamonds starts from orangey pink and goes to purplish pink. But this is an expensive choice due to the rarity of the pink diamond.

Black beauty

There are many colours that do not suit everyone’s taste. But for some people, black is the colour of choice. It is a great colour to make a bold statement. Some stunning designs in a solitaire setting or mixed with white diamonds set in gleaming platinum can really make you stand out.

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