Diamonds have been a thing of fascination for thousands of years. Over the millennia that have passed by, the position of the Rock of Gods has only improved to give it the legendary status that it has today. One can gauge the epic proportions of its popularity by looking at the whopping prices that some of the rarest diamonds have garnered over the years. One of the most famous examples is of the rare 14.82-carat diamond dubbed “The Orange” that was auctioned in Geneva in November of 2013 by Christie’s. It fetched a price of $35.5 Million. Another rare and one of the most desired diamonds in the world is “The Graff Pink”, a 24.78 carat stone faceted in an emerald cut and embedded on a beautiful platinum ring. While it is one of the fanciest pink natural diamonds from the mines, its history is a little unclear. However, 60 years after its first auction, the Graff Pink fetched a price of $46.2 Million when Sotheby’s auctioned the diamond in Geneva. While the Graff Pink was placed on the very top of the list of the most expensive single jewel ever sold in an auction, its size is still pretty small compared to the mammoth size diamond that this article focuses on. In this piece, we discuss in detail the auction of a Perfect 102 Carat Diamond that appeared in the year 2020, and if you can afford a huge diamond like this.

Sotheby’s 102.39 Carat D Colour Flawless Diamond

In September 2020, Sotheby’s announced the auction of one of the rarest diamonds in the world; a perfect 102-carat diamond. One of only 8 diamonds above 100 carats to have ever appeared at an auction, this D Colour flawless diamond in the oval cut was a gemstone like none other. A type IIa diamond, the stone was set to make and break a number of records when it went up for auction in Hong Kong. Surely, it did break records. While a number of experts were worried about why anyone would want to buy diamonds in a pandemic, the zeal of collectors proved everyone wrong. The diamond became the most expensive gemstone ever auctioned in a combined live and online auction as it fetched the highest bid of $15.6 Million. Bought by an anonymous collector from Japan, the perfect 102 carat diamond was renamed “Maiko Star.” Sotheby’s expected the diamond to fetch a much higher bid which was evident in their confidence when they announced that the auction was for a single lot and was planned without a reserve. According to an expert at one of the leading diamond manufacturing companies “Auction without a reserve means that the item had no minimum selling price and that the diamond would go to the highest bidder”. Nonetheless, the beautiful perfect 102 carat diamond was the first time an auction house had held an auction of this high in importance without a reserve.

Can you Buy a Perfect 102 Carat Diamond?

Rare diamonds auctioned without a reserve sounds like a good investment, and it is. If you are lucky enough to bid the right amount and no one tops it, the diamond is yours, irrespective of what the true intrinsic value of the diamond may be. While the Maiko Star is already auctioned to the highest bidder from Japan, you must not lose hope. Someday, you will find a perfect 102-carat diamond that you can afford and collect for your own collection. Perhaps! As one of the leading diamond manufacturing companies in Asia, KGK Group has come to be known as a provider of high-quality diamonds at the right price. For more information on our diamond prices and grades, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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