Buying a diamond is not a child’s play. You need to be very sure of investing in the right stones as buying a diamond is an important purchase. If you are looking for the best loose diamond that is the right value for money, our guide to buy loose diamonds can help you a lot. This guide to buy loose diamonds is a valid read for anyone who is looking to buy a loose diamond, either for itself or for an engagement ring or any other special piece of jewel.

There are thousands of diamond retailers and wholesalers in the world, who deal in the sale and purchase of loose diamonds. But it is highly recommended that you only choose to buy from the reputed groups like the KGK Group as buying from them comes with an assurance of quality. Buying from a reputed place is one of the important measures to take to ensure that you buy the right diamonds.

Diamonds are worth lakhs of rupees from your hard-earned money so ensure that you use every penny with utmost caution.

A loose diamond’s price depends the most on its carat weight. The carat weight has to be selected wisely so that you don’t end up buying a smaller piece or a piece that is too large for you.

Buy a certified diamond for checking the authenticity of the loose diamond that you buy. It should have proper certification of its cut’s grade and its carat weight.

A diamond’s colour and clarity also have great impact on its appearance and price. It is important to note that different shapes reflect colour at different strengths and will thus, impact the over-all appearance and price.

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