The Brilliant Cut Diamonds has awed and wooed men and women around the globe since it was first discovered. Its dazzling sparkle has charmed dignitaries, A-list actresses, music moguls, and fashionistas. As quiet as it’s kept, the Brilliant Cut Diamond is probably the most preferred engagement ring for astute diamond buyers. The one thing that has miffed many in the diamond trade and consumers alike is the mysterious diamond cut. If you are familiar with the 4 C’s of Diamonds; Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. If you buy diamonds often or are a diamond trader, you know how inconsistent diamond cutting can be. Of the 4 C’s, the cut is the most challenging and complex to decipher. Adding to the fact-list of the cut is that the Brilliant Cut Diamond was officially patented in 2004. Having shared that, KGK has made great strides in crafting brilliant cut diamonds with the help of expert artisans and technology and can unlock the diamond cut’s complexity – arguably the most complex and contested of the 4Cs.

What makes Brilliant Cut Diamonds the Perfect Choice?

If you want an impressive finishing touch to your outfit, select from the modern brilliant-cut diamond! These brilliant-cut diamonds are cut to a standard of fifty-eight facets, or faces, that wonderfully echo light and make them gleam. The cut has 25 facets on the pavilion, commonly referred to as the underside part of the jewel. On the top half of the stone, commonly referred to as the crown, there are 33 facets.

The process of achieving a round brilliant cut diamond shape is time-consuming, and the meticulous process provides this cut with one-of-a-kind and unmatched distinction. This kind of design is overwhelmingly essential to the diamonds’ miracle glimmer and extraordinary brilliance.

The style of cut defines the amount of shine the diamond will display. While the right cut allows the diamond to glisten at any angle, the incorrect cut often means that you end up with a costly diamond that resembles fashion jewellery bought in one of the “everything’s a dollar” bargain stores.

Here are some reasons that set Brilliant Cut Diamonds apart from other diamonds.

  1. Shines From Every Angle

  2. Round Cut Diamond has been classified as the pattern that maximizes a gem’s sparkle. Emphatically, the highest quality of all the diamond cuts is the brilliant round pattern due to its ability to glimmer from practically any angle.
  3. Make For The Best Rings

    Precious diamonds cut into this kind of shape are usually frequently chosen in solitaire, four-prong settings generally used for engagement rings. These diamonds portray a classic, chic, and elegance when adorning the fingers.
  4. Fits Every Jewellery Piece

    This high quality exquisitely detailed gemstone can make the engagement ring, bridal band, diamond necklace, or perhaps your other preferential piece of fine jewellery look stunning. These trending diamond cuts are undoubtedly the top of the line fine jewellery.
  5. Comes With A Timeless Appeal

    Diamond is forever, and some designs like round brilliant cut diamond shapes never go out of style. They do not lose lustre or brilliance over time and thus are diamond lovers’ most common choice for jewellery.

Things to Consider While Purchasing A Brilliant Cut Diamond

While purchasing a diamond, the most commonly asked question is, “What do I need to research when buying a diamond?” According to the KGK group diamond experts, the clients have little or no knowledge when buying a diamond wedding band or a ring.

Before we proceed ahead, you should understand the elementary working of diamonds. A quick course of action will help you comprehend the quality. Firstly, you can keep a 10X loupe handy to check the colour, cuts, and clarity of the diamond you wish to buy. What are you intending to find are flaws, discolourations, chips, scratches, or any other artifacts. If you have two diamonds of similar weight, the Brilliant Cut Diamond will display greater brilliance than any other precious stone.

Secondly, check the price of the diamond. Their price often varies based on the jeweller and carat.

And finally, you should ask for a Diamond Certificate to ensure the gemstone’s authenticity.

Get The Masterpieces With KGK Group Diamonds

Diamonds are a symbol of ever-lasting beauty, luxury and elegance. They boast sheer sophistication and add glamour to the jewellery piece they are associated with. Amidst various shapes and cuts of diamonds, the modern brilliant cut diamonds are one of the most preferred options for buying quality diamonds.

KGK Group understands your sentiments and provides nothing less than the highest quality certified diamonds. We check out the box of the 4C’s so that you won’t have to worry about anything else and can flaunt your beauty with trusted diamonds from KGK.
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