Among precious stones, aquamarine gemstones, the brilliant blue birthstone for the month of March, has one of the most distinctive colours. Its vibrant colour has long been a representation of youth, health, and hope. Aquamarine gemstone is typically coupled with metals like silver or white gold when set in exquisite jewellery. The colour scheme complements one another effectively and can give any outfit a unique, summery air. This exquisite blue gemstone’s mesmerizing hues range from faint to deep blues and are frequently linked to the ocean. KGK Group proudly offers a wide range and collection of aquamarine gemstones.

How Does Aquamarine Work?

The mineral beryl, with a colour range of greenish blue to blue, is known as aquamarine. One of the only significant beryllium metal ores in the past was beryl. However, beryllium extraction is exceedingly expensive. Beryl is now a minor by-product of the mining of gemstones. Aquamarine gemstones can have a wide colour spectrum, from extremely mild shades of blue to considerably deeper, bright hues. Two Latin words are combined to form the word aquamarine. Aqua, the first one, and marina, the second, both refer to water. The world’s combined meaning is the hue of the ocean.

What Kind Of Stone Is Aquamarine?

Semi-precious gemstones are not regarded as precious gems. There are actually just four types of precious stones:
  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires
Semi-precious refers to any gemstone that is not a diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Therefore, aquamarine is a semi-precious stone rather than a valuable one.

What Does Aquamarine Mean Spiritually?

Aquamarine’s spiritual significance is one of cleaning because the stone is so commonly linked to the sea. The colour aquamarine conjures up the serenity and tranquility that the sea offers, as well as the purity of the clear, blue seas. Aquamarine was once thought to be mermaids’ hidden wealth. Sailors used the rock as a talisman to ensure luck on the wide seas. The gem was also utilized as a representation of bravery and protection. These stones also have many aquamarine benefits.

What Is Aquamarine Used For?

Numerous uses of aquamarine relate to the concepts of transparency and communication. The diamond is revered as a stone of bravery that aids in overcoming communication-related worries like a fear of public speaking. According to crystal healers, teachers should wear aquamarine to assist them in maintaining their composure and reduce their stress levels as they complete jobs they’ve been dreading. Aquamarine gemstones are also used to treat thyroid issues, swollen glands, and sore throats. Aquamarine benefits are said by healers to be able to regulate hormones and growth in a way that is most suited for any form of transition between stages because of its calming effects.

Where Did Aquamarine Get Its Name?

For a while, it was thought Brazil and other South American countries were the only places to find the most expensive aquamarine gemstones. However, the stone is now mined on practically every continent in the world. It naturally occurs in many nations, including Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Although they can be cut as cabochons, aquamarine stones are most frequently faceted on the market today. As a result, the stone displays an asterism effect resembling a cat’s eye.

What Is The Value Of An Aquamarine Stone?

The popularity of aquamarine has increased over time, which has led to a little increase in price competition. Aquamarine gemstones come in various sizes, just like all other gemstones. Some are rather little, but others can be quite large and weigh a few kilos. The colour of an aquamarine stone frequently determines how much it is worth. An aquamarine gemstone typically has to weigh more than five carats in order to have a rich, strong colour. A one-carat aquamarine could be worth around $675, while a two- or three-carat stone might cost anywhere from $1000 to $1500. However, it is also possible to create aquamarine crystals in a lab. These stones are produced as needed and are probably far less expensive.


Aquamarine is one of the most precious stones in the ocean. In this article, we have shared some information about the unique aquamarine gemstone. If you require more insight on it before the purchase of aquamarine gemstone, you can connect with KGK Group.
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