Yellow sapphires are one of the most desirable gemstones for a large number of buyers. Their shine and unmatched brilliance make them one of the prettiest choices for an engagement ring. Their popularity has increased significantly in the last few years and at present, they are one of the most popular gemstones among ladies. They are one of the best yellow diamond alternatives and do not come with a high price tag like yellow diamonds.

These popular gemstones are available in different shades of yellow ranging from light to dark. Their popularity is also due to the availability of extensive shapes and sizes to help you get the desired shape you want.

Shades of yellow sapphire

Just like any other color yellow covers a range of hues. Starting from natural pastel light yellow, lemon yellow to deep orange-yellow to golden yellow are some of the variations you will find. Color choice is just a matter of your own preference so choose a shade that you like the most. The most popular of all shades is the medium vibrant canary. Just like all the gemstones the value of sapphires is also determined on the basis of purity and brightness of the sapphire.

The origin

The yellow sapphires are found in various regions among which Madagascar, Tanzania, Australia, Thailand and Sri Lanka are primary sources. Here it is important to note that the value of yellow sapphires is not affected by the place of its origin.

The cut

What may affect the price of a yellow sapphire is its cut. It is a major factor that impacts the price of a sapphire. A poor cut can make any gemstone look dull and result to a lower valuation. The cut is not associated with the shape of the gemstone but its facets that allow the light and color to shine at their best. The traditional yellow sapphires are less costly than the pink or blue sapphires so the cutters do not compromise the brilliance in order to retain weight.

This amazing gemstone is quite rare and that is why it is essential to purchase them only from an authentic manufacturer. One of the best gemstone manufacturers is the KGK Group. They not only offer high quality gemstones but also manufacture a range of gemstone jewelry to choose from.
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