A fiery gem in the world of the gemstone is undoubtedly ruby. The mesmerizing, inherent beauty of the gem is more than a prized possession for every jewellery connoisseurs and gem lover. Since the time rubies were discovered, they have been at the forefront of lore and luxury. In fact, some of the pieces are so highly valued that they rival diamonds. But, there is a lot more to rubies than just the inherent beauty. The allure of rubies has paved its way into most of the cultures in the world due to their characteristics and connotations. Known as the King of precious stones, rubies have a lot of facts associated with them. So, here are some fascinating facts that will leave you astonished.

Fact 1

The astonishing colour of the rubies is obtained due to the traces of chromium present in them. These gemstones are formed due to the intense pressure and extreme heat created deep within the earth. When chromium replaces aluminium traces in corundum, it finally forms the vibrant ruby.

Fact 2

Inclusions are not viewed as a good factor in the gemstone industry. However, unlike diamonds and other gems, small inclusions enhance the beauty of rubies, making them look more captivating and velvety. An interesting fact about the small silk-like inclusion is that, if these are absent, then it signifies that most probably the ruby has had heat treatment. Finding a flawless ruby without imperfections naturally is extremely uncommon. Nonetheless, it is not impossible; these are just priced higher than diamonds too.

Fact 3

The Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat Burmese ruby has been by far the most expensive rubies mined. It was sold in an auction for little over 30 million dollars. Other most precious rubies have a rich red colour with a hint of blue tones.

Fact 4

A majority of the rubies will glow when exposed to sunlight. Opposite to a contrary belief, rubies don’t glow due to their mystical properties; instead, they glow due to the ultraviolet rays. The UV rays from the Sun made chromium inside the gem glow. The glowing property adds another dimension of intrigue and beauty to it.

Fact 5

Rubies can possess what is known as “Pigeon’s blood,” a very dark red hue. The colour is specific to rubies found in the Mogok region. According to legends, the colour of these rubies is the same as the colour of the blood of a freshly killed pigeon. However, the term is not used as grading criteria yet, and there is a dispute among gemologists and gemstone graders regarding this.

Fact 6

Rubies, surprisingly, are found all over the world, including Asia, Australia, and Africa. But, Myanmar is the world’s largest supplier of rubies. While Burmese rubies continue to lead the market, Mozambique is becoming a hotspot for new mines.

Fact 7

During Medival times, European used to wear rubies for wisdom. They also believed that rubies guard against sorrows and inspire confidence, thereby, bringing success. In many cultures, people still wear rubies for the same reason and recognize rubies as a talisman to ensure harmony in their lives.

There is no shortage of interesting facts about rubies. Their deep red hue and exotic origin definitely deserve attention. Today, rubies are also used as a perfect wedding stone as they stand for eternal love and romance. Whether you are a jeweller a gemstone lover, your collection is incomplete without rubies. Therefore, KGK Group, one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in India, has a beautiful and vast selection of fine ruby jewellery. These gemstones and jewellery pieces certainly bring the much-desired heat. So, grab the most stunning pieces and rule the world.

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