Yellow Sapphire stone is one of the most precious gemstones, and people love to own it. It sparkles like the sun and is believed to spread happiness and well-being in the wearer’s lives. It is gaining popularity and is considered the best alternative to diamond rings when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. This bright stone comes in pastel yellow, lemon yellow, golden yellow, and vibrant canary. Many celebrities adorn the exquisite yellow sapphire as it enhances the overall well-being of the individual who wears it. However, being one of the rarest gemstones, it is expensive but has innumerable benefits. It is believed to have celestial powers as it comes from the earth’s crust.

Moreover, it is pretty overwhelming to identify the original yellow sapphire. However, you avoid the risk factor while purchasing this great stone if you choose well-known jewellers like KGK Group. We bring you the best yellow sapphire because we mine it and our artisans give it a beautiful cut where there is no place for impurities and flaws.

This article lists the top 10 crucial things you should consider before buying a magnificent Yellow Sapphire.

  1. Consider the Colour :

    When you buy yellow sapphire, the foremost thing you should look for is its color. The colour ranges from pastel yellow, lemon yellow, golden yellow, and vibrant canary. However, people prefer medium vibrant canary yellow sapphire. The worth of the yellow sapphire can be determined by outstanding clarity and colour consistency. What makes the sapphire yellow in colouration is the presence of the trace element iron. With the increase in iron concentrations, the richness of colour enhances, making it more lustrous. It gets its natural yellow colour from the earth’s low-level radiation. The other unnatural way of inducing yellow colour is through lab radiation. However, it fades away over time with exposure to heat and light. That is, it is rare to find unheated original yellow sapphires. However, if you want to buy one such rare and precious yellow sapphire, the ultimate destination is KGK Group. We source sapphires from mines in Sri Lanka, Tanzanite from Tanzania, etc. And the yellow Sapphires are cut and polished in our factories in India, China, and Thailand. We offer nothing but the best quality Yellow Sapphire.
  2. Check for Clarity :

    A natural yellow sapphire is primarily free from inclusions, and one cannot see the inclusions with naked eyes. They have a flawless appearance; although it has very few inclusions, they cannot be seen with naked eyes. However, one of the best ways to identify original yellow sapphire is to know whether it has bubbles inside it or scratches; if you find them, then it is not an original yellow sapphire.
  3. Find Out the Country of Origin :

    Yellow Sapphire stones come from Tanzania, Thailand, Burma, Australia, and Sri Lanka. However, the finest quality yellow sapphires come from Sri Lanka, and they are known for their excellent clarity and colour consistency. One of the destinations KGK Group sources its yellow sapphires is Sri Lank.
  4. Cut is Crucial for Sparkling :

    The cut of the yellow sapphire is essential as it beautifies and makes the stone shine incredibly. In contrast, a dull and lifeless look indicates the not up to the mark cut. The cut defines the facets of the yellow sapphire gem, which allows light to pass through it, making it sparkle and vibrant. Yellow sapphires are usually cut into oval, round, cushion, and emerald.
  5. Find Out Whether Heat Treated or Untreated :

    The yellow sapphires are generally treated with heat to enhance colour and transparency. Therefore, when you buy yellow sapphire, be cautious and ask whether it is treated with heat. However, the best quality and natural yellow sapphire get color from low-level radiation in the earth’s crust. They are not treated with heat in the lab.
  6. Carat :

    When you buy yellow sapphire, one of the essential things you should consider is its carat (unit of weight to measure the size of a gemstone). It is scarce to find large yellow sapphires, and they are high in demand and too expensive.
  7. Price : Yellow Sapphire is the best alternative to yellow diamond. However, the price of the yellow sapphire depends on many factors such as carat, colour, cut, and clarity. You can have the most gorgeous and sparkling yellow sapphire if it fulfills all these factors precisely.
  8. Hardness :

    The hardness of yellow sapphire stone on the Mohs scale is 9.0. It is one of the hardest gemstones next to moissanite (9.25) and diamond (10).
  9. Luster and Uniformity of Colour :

    The yellow sapphire that is flawlessly faceted will have fantastic sparkle. The rich, velvety luster can be seen with naked eyes, and it also has uniformity of the colour.
  10. Metals that Go Best With Yellow Sapphire :

    Yellow sapphire goes well with most metals. Mainly gold and silver are considered the best metals to fix yellow sapphire. Light yellow sapphire goes well with white gold, platinum, and silver as they do not overpower it. Dark yellow sapphire complements well with gold.


Those mentioned above are the essential points you should consider whenever you buy yellow sapphire. However, to make buying yellow sapphire a breeze and have the best and most original gemstone, you should rely on trustworthy and leading jewelers like KGK Group, which has a worldwide presence.

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