They say under pressure, you’ll shine! Well, diamonds are literally the shining example of that. Built under pressure from coal, diamonds, as opposed to their raw material, and are unmatched beauty and brilliance. Inspired by the Greek word ‘Adams’, which means ‘indestructible’ just what a diamond is. One of the hardest knowing substance, diamonds are crystallised carbon atoms arranged in a unique fashion.

Such isometric arrangement of carbon atoms has resulted in such finds that have become the world’s most expensive diamonds till 2018. Let’s shed some light on the same

  • Sergio Carbonado

    Found in the year 1895 in Bahia, Brazil, this 633.4 weighted 3167-carat black diamond is the rarest of the rare. Being black and known for its purity, this diamond is termed priceless.

  • Cullinan I

    This diamond is a part of the nine Cullinan Diamonds (3106.75 carats) and weighs 530.4 carats stand alone. This colourless diamond is the largest part of this nine diamond union and the second largest cut diamond in the world. It currently resides with the British Royal Family.

  • Cullinan II

    Known as the “Lesser Star of Africa”, this diamond is 317.4 carat and is the second largest part of the nine Cullinan Diamonds.

  • Lesedi La Rona

    Recently found in November 2015, this type of a diamond is 111 carat and was found in Botswana mines. It was insured for $120 million. No wonder diamonds are highly valuable, right?

  • Excelsior Diamond

    Discovered in 1893, this diamond held the position of the largest diamond ever found till the knowledge of the Cullinan. Weighing 970 carats, this diamond shows hints of blue and white. Sadly it was cut down into 11 pieces or varying sizes largest being 70 carats which were purchased for $2642000.

  • Star of Sierra Leone

    Originally it weighed 968.9 carat when discovered in February 1972 however it was cut into smaller pieces when bought by New York Jeweller Harry Winston for $2.5 million USD. The largest piece when it was cut was a pear-shaped diamond of 53.96 carat.

  • Incomparable Diamond

    Before cutting this diamond which originally weighed 407.48 carat, it was priced at $2 million USD and is a brownish yellow diamond. This stone was co-owned by Marvin Samuels and Donald Zale of Zales Jewellers.

  • Koh-I-Noor

    Found in India, this colourless uncut diamond is of 793 carat and is one of the oldest diamonds ever found. When the British conquered Punjab, this diamond was presented to Queen Victoria and now rests on the Queen’s crown. It is a priceless stone for its clarity and beauty.

  • Millennium Star

    Found in Zaire in 1990 and bought by De Beers later, this diamond which weighed 777 carat was cut down to produce a pear-shaped diamond crystal. Later this crystal was cut down into heart-shaped Diamond weighing 273.85 carat and costing $160 million USD.

  • Golden Jubilee Diamond

    This diamond weighs 755.5 carat and is yellowish-brown in colour. One of the largest diamond costing $4-$12 Million USD, this diamond was presented to the King of Thailand.

These expensive and rare beauties have enjoyed the properties of the rich and the Kings. These diamonds are talked about for their beauty, clarity, brilliance, and lustre. For unmatched quality and brilliance, you can visit KGK Group. Sourcing only the best, KGK Group mines and manufactures beautiful diamonds at varying sizes. Find your perfect diamond of the highest quality at an outstanding value at KGK.
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