Decision making while purchasing jewellery is crucial as it involves a considerable investment. Therefore, one should avoid common jewellery shopping mistakes to make a better investment. People are obsessed with gold and gemstones and love to wear them on special occasions like marriages, birthday parties, and casual as well as formal events. Jewellery enhances the wearer’s beauty, and it is also considered auspicious in Indian culture.

Nonetheless, there are a few common mistakes to avoid when buying jewellery to make your investment worthwhile. Consumers should not hop onto any store and make common jewellery shopping mistakes that will make them regret later on. It should be an informed decision. Let us uncover some common mistakes people make for jewellery purchases.
  1. You Do Not Ask About The Material Of The Jewellery

    It is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid while buying jewellery. Most often, you do not bother to ask about the material of the jewellery. Usually, jewellery is made with gold and gold in three different forms: yellow, white, and rose gold. Gold is yellow in its natural state, and it is mixed with other metals to give it more strength and mould into different designs and shapes. The colour of the gold varies depending on the alloy mixture used. The colour is not the criteria to define the purity of the gold. Irrespective of gold’s colour, its purity is measured in karat. Furthermore, rose gold is less expensive and durable than yellow and white gold because of copper as its composition.

    White gold is composed of pure gold and other metals like zinc, nickel, and copper. White gold usually comes in 14K, approximately 58% of gold, and 18K is around 75% of gold. However, white gold and platinum look similar to the naked eye; there are a few differences between them, such as composition and price. The platinum metal used to make jewellery consist of almost 95-98% of the platinum composition, and it is more expensive than white gold. However, not durable as white gold; white gold has more strength and durability because of its composition.

    Therefore, these are the few mistakes to avoid while buying jewellery, knowing the composition and looking for a purity stamp, understanding the composition and paying the price accordingly.
  2. Not Buying Your Jewellery From A Renowned Jeweller or Brand

    One of the common mistakes for jewellery purchases is selecting the jeweller depending on their authenticity and reputation. You should not settle for stores and jewellers that offer verbal promises and huge discounts. You should buy certified jewellery and consider going through their return and refundable policies. The reputable jewellers will not compromise on the quality of their jewellery because their brand value matters to them the most. The best bet to avoid traps and loopholes is choosing pioneers like KGK Group to purchase the finest, authentic, pure, reliable, and elegant jewellery. Choosing the right jeweller will help you avoid future regrets and bank on the purity of your jewellery. It is a common jewellery shopping mistake that you should not ignore at any cost.
  3. You Do Not Consider Asking About The Authenticity Of Gemstones

    Consumers, when buying jewellery, tend to forget or ignore to ask about the authenticity of gemstones. If it is white, they consider it a diamond; green, emerald, and red as a ruby. However, there is much more to gemstones than merely their colour. You should know whether the gemstones are natural, lab-grown or fake. Unless you know all the facts and decide to pick them depending on your budget, it is not a fair deal. You should get a fair deal when spending your hard-earned money. If you want to buy natural and authentic gemstones like diamond, ruby, emerald etc., then beautifully crafted KGK jewellery is the best pick. We mine our gemstones across the finest locations in the world, and we design and manufacture our jewellery pieces in our manufacturing centres. No middle man can tamper with the original gemstones, and you get the best.
  4. You Do Not Purchase Jewellery That Matches Your Personality And Style

    You should never buy jewellery that others suggest for you; your jewellery displays your personality and style. You do not feel happy when the jewellery does not match your taste after purchasing it. A simple and elegant necklace depicts that you have a simple and classic style. A necklace with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds shows that you have a very vibrant personality. It is you who will wear it so select it according to your taste. And when you plan to give it as a gift, select it as per their taste and personality.
  5. You Do Not Find Out A Few Crucial Things Before Buying Jewellery

    When buying diamonds, you should check the 4 Cs such as cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. And also, you should not forget to cross-check the price of gold. The price of gold determines its purity, and it also keeps changing daily. Knowing the daily rates of bullion is necessary to set the budget beforehand.
  6. You Go Blindly With The Trends

    One of the mistakes to avoid while purchasing jewellery is following the trends. Jewellery is one of the most important investments you make, and it lasts for years. As far as trends are concerned, they come and go as they are transitory. Therefore, not going by your choice and following the trends will dishearten you later.
  7. You Do Not Buy Certified Jewellery

    Most often, you go with the look and feel of the jewellery ignoring its purity stamp and certification. You have to look for the BIS hallmark stamp no matter where you purchase your jewellery from. The BIS hallmark certifies the metal for its purity. Not only this, you have to check for karat as it gives you the pure gold percentage in the jewellery. The invoice you get while you purchase gold jewellery gives you a complete breakup of all the critical aspects such as gold rate that day, the weight of the gold, gemstones weight, BIS hallmark, and karat of the gold.
  8. You Make A Hasty Decision

    Purchasing jewellery should not be a hasty decision. It can land you in losing your hard-earned money by not getting a fair deal. As it is a considerable investment, it should be a mindful decision to have the best jewellery piece in your collection that should last for years and maintain its shine.
  9. While Purchasing Jewellery, You Do Not Consider The Shape Of Your Face

    It is crucial to consider your face shape while selecting jewellery. The same piece of jewellery may look good on some face shapes and awkward on other. Therefore, knowing the shape of your face and which jewellery goes perfect is the most common jewellery buying mistake. For instance, people with oval face shapes can wear any type of neckpiece or jewellery; it goes perfectly with this type. However, one with an oval face should avoid long earrings and opt for hoops and chandeliers. On the other hand, people with round faces should opt for long earrings. Round face people should avoid chokers.
  10. You Do Not Plan A Budget Before Buying Jewellery

    Deciding on a budget helps you stick to it and avoid unnecessary spending and regret later. Planning a budget will prepare you to make a sound decision depending on your budget and not mess up with your other financial plans.
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