If you are planning to buy colourful gemstones, make sure you have done thorough research before buying. It is advised that you buy precious jewellery from a credible company such as KGK Group, one of the best traders of wholesale gemstones in the world. This guarantees that you will only get good quality products.

The brilliant colour of gemstones sets it apart and makes gemstone jewellery a highly desirable one. While buying gemstones, one should know the evaluation techniques for checking the stone. With the advancement in technology; more gemstones are in the market today than ever before. It is crucial to check the credibility of the stone so that you take an authentic stone back home.

Once you have purchased a fine gemstone, you need to take proper care, which will help you preserve it and for many years. Most stones require minimum care. However, you must always protect them from high temperature, excessive light and chemicals.

Gemstones are valued based on their shape, cut and weight. Each gemstone is different from the other and it is important to check the cut and clarity. The standards for clarity in an emerald, for example, are quite different than that for a sapphire, because even the most expensive emeralds have some natural inclusions.

In fact, gemmologists use the distinctive character of inclusions to identify the origin of a stone. Indeed, some inclusions are desirable. While it is true that the higher the clarity grade, the higher the value of the gem, inclusions that do not interfere with the brilliance and sparkle of a gem don’t affect its value.

So, make sure you know the properties of the gemstone you are buying.

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