According to the report released in 2015 by DeBeers, India is one of the top buyers of the precious stone in the world. Driven by a widening consumer base, economic development and increasing volumes, India’s diamond consumer market is now one of the world’s largest it says. With the growth momentum in the Indian economy, demand for a luxury item like diamond is going to go up steadily.

If you are thinking about investing in diamonds – solitaires or clarity diamonds are great choices. All diamonds look similar to the naked eye, but there is a difference in cut, colour and the clarity that determines its value. Before investing, check the shape and design of the diamonds you want to purchase. If you are confused about the right shape, go for a round shape diamond as it gives a very elegant look and it is among the most common shapes.

When you are investing in gold, all you need to look for is the purity of the metal and the weight. But if you are investing in diamonds, there are a few more checks and balances that you need to follow to make the right decision. Proper planning is helpful for buying a genuine diamond.

Make sure you properly check for flaws, it helps you judge the value when investing in diamonds. Do proper research on available diamonds in the market so that you won’t get lost in the variety. Also it always helps to be aware of market trends and rates.

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