The jewellery industry is a rapidly growing one and it is in constant need of new talent to bring newer designs and innovations to the fold. But what really does it take to become a jeweller? Is it the ability to create beautiful designs? Or is it the ability to hand-work precious metals to the accuracy of micrometres and milligrams? While these are necessary skills, there is one thing that you need more than anything in this field; the passion for jewellery.

If you have found your passion for jewellery and want to become a jeweller, there are so many ways you can proceed. You can learn on your own or join a course to build skills, or can directly get an apprenticeship if you know someone who will teach you. But that is not the only direction your jewellery career can go into.

This blog will help you figure out your perfect role in the Jewellery industry.

How To Become A Jeweller?

  • Professional Courses
    There are a number of university and diploma level courses that can help you begin your career in the field of jewellery. This is where you can learn about jewellery like a full-fledged course, complete with theoretical and practical knowledge about jewellery making. You can learn all basic techniques and go on to take up a job with any known manufacturer in the world.

  • Apprenticeship
    Another great way to start from scratch is to join an apprenticeship programme. In this, you can learn while being on the job with a practising jeweller in their shop so you can learn all the practical skills needed to become a goldsmith/precious metalworker. After learning all the necessary skills, you can either get a job at any jewellery maker or can open your own business by making your own pieces.

  • Self-Taught Jeweller
    Jewellery making is all about creating beautiful pieces with precision, and if you have a design, some time and material to practice on, you can pretty much teach yourself to make jewellery. There are a number of self-help kits and playlists available on the internet that you can easily learn to make your own jewellery from scratch. All you need is the right set of tools and proper safety protocols in place, and you are ready to start practising.

  • Trade Show
    Being a jeweller is not all about making it from metal and gemstones. It is also about marketing jewellery. Whether you make your own jewellery or buy it pre-made from a wholesaler, you can learn to market your jewellery in the best possible way at a trade show because of how varied the audience is.
  • Designer
    Again, jeweller not always means making jewellery by hand (or machine). It can also mean creating a rough idea for a piece of jewellery as a drawing or a sketch, so another expert can give it the final look.
Becoming a jeweller is think of passion, yes, but it also really takes a lot of practice before you can call yourself a jeweller. Once you become proficient in the field, though, the success is unprecedented, especially if you are unique. As one of the top 10 jewellery manufacturers in the world, KGK Group wishes you all the best on your way to becoming a jeweller. For buying genuine gems and material for your jewellery, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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