Do you know? The culture of engagement rings dates back to ancient times, significantly evolved from the ancient Egyptian civilisations to now.

The Oldest Evidence of an Engagement Ring

The oldest known evidence of an engagement ring lies in the ancient Egyptian civilisations. Egyptians have been found buried with a metal wire in their ring finger (which is believed to have the vein of love).

The First Diamond Ring

The first use of a diamond ring marks back to 1477, where Austria’s Archduke Maximillian presented a gold ring with letter M crafted in tiny diamonds, to Mary of Burgundy.
Shakespeare’s plays mention the exchange of rings or silver or gold bands between lovers during the 1600-1700s.

The Victorian Rings

While most royal marriages were a result of some diplomatic or expansion reasons, Queen Victoria is said to be deeply in love with her husband Albert. The rings during the Victorian era used to feature hearts, flowers and other romantic motifs. After the discovery of a large deposit of diamonds in South Africa, most engagement rings started featuring diamonds.

Replica of Queen Victoria’s Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings in Different Styles

Today is the time of choices with no fixed trend. With so many engagement ring styles, you have endless options. However, diamonds still remain to be everyone’s favourite, just like solitaire rings. The styles keep rising and falling in popularity from time to time.

Youngsters today are showing interest in antique-styled rings and rings inspired by nature’s elements as well. Which is your favourite engagement ring style? Celebrate your relationship and love with a beautiful engagement ring for each other.

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