The date is decided, the diamond is chosen, and you are just one step away from having the most perfect day of your life. While choosing the right diamond size, colour and shape may be difficult, choosing the right metal that would complement your ring perfectly is equally difficult.

They say Diamonds are forever. For your diamond to be forever, the metal setting as flattering as the diamond itself is ideal. The metal used in the ring setting is a result of various considerations such as one’s skin tone, fashion, preference, family traditions etc.

While the common choice for diamond settings are platinum, gold, white gold etc. but are we aware of the qualities each possess?

Let’s take a closer look at each and how each differs from the other.

1. Platinum

Platinum is considered as the most elite and sought after metals for big-shaped diamonds. It has a distinctive silver appearance which is strikingly different from the gold. It is comparatively a hard metal which is rather pure. One of the reasons for its preference is that it is more hypo allergic as opposed to gold. Platinum rings studded with diamonds perfectly complement lighter skin tones.

2. White Gold

To differentiate between platinum and white gold is fairly difficult with the naked eyes. Therefore white gold is preferred when an individual is considering a platinum or silver setting. White gold is not completely pure, it’s a mixture of metals. This alloy contains both pure gold and traces of silver, nickel etc. white gold still remains to be more popular and precious than yellow gold however, with time it shows signs of wear and tear. The rhodium polish wears away with time and has to be polished time and again.

3. Yellow Gold

The purest form 24 carat gold in itself is very soft, therefore it is mixed with other metals like zinc and copper to make it more durable. Yellow gold is appropriate for vintage style setting and is quite popular. This gold compliments darker skin tones completely and is quite malleable. 14k gold is scratch resistant hence exhibits longer life and shine.

4. Rose Gold

This gold is slightly pink in colour. Pure gold is mixed with copper to obtain this beautiful pink hue. Rose gold has gained recent popularity due to its fancy appearance. Rose gold is often quite economical than other types of gold as it is mixed with copper which is quite cheap. Surprisingly rose gold is tougher than white and yellow gold making it the most durable of all. However, this metal is not hypo allergic and can cause allergies.

The selection of the metal is largely based on preference, however, these points of difference can lead to clearer and strong choice of results. Choose the metal and the setting that aligns with your interest, personality, and diamond and let that diamond shine bright and proud on your fingers.

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