The KGK Group’s business to business jewellery division supplies some of the finest jewellery world over. The Entice brand of fine jewellery is the group’s foray into retail. The brand has standalone boutiques in Hong Kong and India. Entice is built to deliver quality, good designs and affordability consistently to retail buyers.

Entice was launched to take care of the need for a fine jewellery brand that catered to young and growing audience with a global outlook. The KGK group launched its own retail brand Entice as a perfect platform to display its fine collection of diamond and gemstones jewellery. The Entice brand has a mesmerising range of exquisite jewellery. Any jewellery lover is bound to appreciate the enduring beauty of an Entice design. Each design is a celebration of the art form which is jewellery designing. Every piece of jewellery has exceptional designs and high-quality gemstones. Each design is unique and makes the wearer stand out.

The design philosophy of Entice is very global. It caters to all kinds of audience varying from traditional to contemporary and delivers quality products every step of the way. It is a great window into the design prowess of the KGK Group in its business to business arm that caters to customers from across the globe. A team of over 100 designers can make any kind of jewellery come alive.

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