KGK Group has been a pioneer in the gems and jewellery industry for several decades now. With an unmatched passion for artistic excellence and innovation to improve the overall industry, KGK Group has earned several accolades for their work. This constant appreciation for the efforts further strengthens the growth of the Group, helping it reach an advanced level of control.

As a way of repeating the praise that KGK Group’s portfolio of ‘mines to brand’ has garnered so far, the JNA Awards 2020 honoured the Group with 2 prestigious awards; Industry Innovation of the Year, and Outstanding Enterprise of the Year. A result of investing greatly in the innovation of new product designs, techniques, innovative approaches and efficient online business models, these 2 awards stand for a lot of KGK Group’s values. Most importantly, it is the recognition of the efforts that the Group makes for addressing the ever-growing and rapidly changing preferences of its valued patrons. Here is a gist of what both these awards mean.

Industry Innovation of the Year

The year 2020 brought with itself several great milestones. This includes the announcement of an ambitious initiative of developing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology; KGK Group’s collaborative technology effort, a brand called “Yantra.” The brand developed 3 unparalleled machines to transform the diamond manufacturing process for many years to come. These machines have actually been calibrated to not only provide multiple purposes but also to reduce production costs by up to 10%, while also increasing the revenues by up to 1-1.5%.

As a recognition of this and to further felicitate the efforts of making these more widely available in the market, JNA Awards awarded KGK Group with this prestigious award.

“Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of KGK Group, which play an important role in design and implementation, manufacturing techniques and technological advancements.” says Mr Sanjay Kothari, Vice Chairman of KGK Group.

Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – EMEA

Owing to the rigorous expansion of manufacturing and distribution capacities of the KGK Group in the region, the jury at JNA Awards also presented KGK Group with Outstanding Enterprise of the Year Award for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. This comes after the opening of a second, much larger manufacturing facility in Thailand that follows the ‘Just In Time’ Inventory Management technique. As a result, the new facility is able to make more efficient use of resources and leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint.

Being able to achieve all this and still be able to reduce production costs has been one of the major deciding factors behind this award.

“Our values and ethics differentiate us from the rest. They empower our people to master their business and technological domains, build meaningful relationships with their colleagues and clients, and design a positive framework.” said Mr Sandeep Kothari, Managing Director of KGK Group

Innovation and trust have always been the two supporting pillars of KGK Group, further strengthened by quality and vigour. This is why KGK Group gets recognised as the deserving receiver of such prestigious awards. As one of the best jewellery and top 10 diamond companies in the world , the Group understands its responsibility of not only evolving but to help others grow as well. For more information on the complete portfolio, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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