Diamonds cover a long journey before coming to rest in a piece of jewellery. They are formed over billions of years of heat and pressure under the earth’s crust, come up to the surface because of volcanic activity, and are then mined out of deep caves. This is only the beginning of their journey. From here on out, diamonds are subjected to a lot of changes, exchanges, and different processes to get them in their final shape. From the mines to the final destination, diamonds maintain a similar level of fascination about them. As one of the leading diamond manufacturing companies in the world, we at KGK Group ensure not only quality but also a safe delivery of our diamonds to our buyers. We make sure that our buyers only get what they paid for, that is 100% natural loose diamonds straight from the mines. A testimony of that is the love our buyers have for us. As a result of this demand and the exceptional way we have delivered our diamonds, we have earned dozens of important accolades from governments and award functions all over the world. Wondering what makes us one of the best choices for buying diamonds? Here are 5 qualities to help you make your decision of becoming one of KGK Group’s B2B trusted partners.

Diamonds From KGK Group

  • Natural KGK Group only sources and deals in natural diamonds from the mines. Buyers expect that the diamonds they acquire from us are natural, not artificially created lab diamonds. Through our associations with De Beers and Alrosa, we get our hands on the highest quality of rough diamonds right from the source. This not only adds authenticity to the stones, but also helps us acquire only good quality natural diamonds.
  • Ethical There are a lot of ethical concerns around the trade of diamond, especially around the more major activity of sourcing. There are several malpractices that go around in the field of diamond mining including child labour, forced labour, unfair wages, war funding, and environmental harm. Such activities are not really deserving of the precious rock of gods. At KGK Group, we make sure that none of our diamonds has been obtained through any of these practices. Our business was built on ethics, and that is what we wish to propagate through our trade.
  • Innovative Innovation has been the backbone of our business. We have delivered quality products by consistently coming up with new and innovative ideas. KGK Group has a number of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in several locations around the globe, where some of the most highly skilled and trained workforces creates beautiful diamonds around the clock. In addition to this, KGK group also has a dedicated innovation brand called ‘Yantra’ that designs and builds multi-functional manufacturing equipment. The major aim of ‘Yantra’ is to help industries save time and reduce wastage of Precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones.
  • Market Presence KGK Group is not just limited to the boundaries of a country or of a continent. The group has a presence in 16 countries across 5 continents which work as both, great markets and amazing sourcing opportunities. The mines-to-market approach of KGK Group has helped the brand reach greater heights around the world, and the guidance of our patriarch Mr Navrattan Kothari has helped the group become a recognised name in the industry.
  • Experience KGK Group was established in the year 1905, which gives us an extensive experience of about 116 years of running a successful distribution channel. From trading different types of gemstones in Jaipur, KGK Group went to trading diamonds around the world. This long history of KGK Group that is based in trust and ethics has helped create a brand that encourages the same principles in our buyers as well. We have been delivering high quality natural diamonds straight from the mines for more than 60 years, and have been able to build a strong relationship with our buyers. As a leader in Diamonds Suppliers & Manufacturers, it is our duty to uphold our end of the deal by providing the right diamond for the right price to our buyers. Get in touch with one of our experts to know more about how you can buy diamonds in a pandemic at the best of prices.
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