Over a century, KGK has grown to become a trusted and respected gemstone and jewellery manufacturer in all parts of the world. But how did it manage to be the worldwide industry leader?

The expertise of KGK Group lies in its ability to find and transform precious stones hidden deep into our earths sacred womb. But only the ability to produce and manufacture exquisite jewellery and gemstones did not pave the way to achieving excellence and becoming a leader in the industry. There is much more to it. So, here is a walk through KGK’s glittering chamber of secrets.

A Humble Beginning From Asia

The enduring legacy of KGK started over a hundred years ago in Asia. KGK Group laid the foundation by trading rubies, emeralds, and sapphires in Rangoon, Burma. In the year 1969, KGK marked a new beginning by entering into diamond business. KGK attainted an important milestone in the form of becoming a leading De Beers sightholder. The association allowed direct access to a significant percentage of the world’s diamond supply- Botswana and South Africa.

A Leap in the Arabian Land

KGK took a bold step of opening a distribution centre in Dubai. The location excellence that KGK received in the region aided in delivering faster and better. Not only in logistics, but KGK also achieved a milestone by becoming the main distributor of coloured gemstones in the middle-east. The high-tech factories combined with brilliant minds have remained a major contributor in delivering this growth.

A Pursuit For Excellence in America

KGK has accepted change with open arms. It continually employs advanced technology to fine-tune its efficiencies. While production facilities ensured all deliveries are made on-time, in-full, the lean manufacturing process helped in achieving maximum flexibility. In other words, consistency and accuracy are key. All this made our expansion in both South America and North America possible.

An Exploration of Africa’s Potential

KGK believes that it is their endeavour to uplift the lives of people in the surroundings as much as possible. With this aim in mind, KGK expanded its operations in locations like Angola, Namibia, and Botswana. The enduring sense of responsibility, a comprehensive approach to promote the talent in these regions, and the support of the government of the Republic of Angola helped KGK grow as a leader of gemstones industry in these regions.

Mastering Europe’s Love for Perfection

KGK adheres to strict quality control measures delineated by expert engineers throughout the world. Every product at KGK passes through a strict quality check and is tested against certain parameters, which ensure they meet globally accepted quality standards. This specific quality paved the way to becoming a leader in Europe too. The world-class facilities with most modern technology made us a hero in the region.

Acting on acquisition opportunities and expanding capacities further beefed up our core competencies. Effective leadership, a desire to push the boundaries for better, and a dedication to innovate have made KGK stand where it is today. KGK boasts of itself as one of the top 10 diamond companies in the world. KGK is also committed to abiding by the principles of best practices, ensuring it remains at the forefront each and every time at every location throughout the world.

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