Jewellery is arguably the most refined form of art and luxury. In its purest form, it evokes human emotions of passion, fire, and compassion in the most balanced of proportions. For years KGK has been a flag bearer for inspiring jewellery makers and designers across the globe with its innovative and creative offerings. And as a recognition of these efforts, KGK was recently conferred with the most sought after and reputable JNA award as Manufacturer of the Year – Cutting, Polishing, Creativity & Innovation.

Awards and recognition are a sincere initiative, encouraging true design talent and reflecting extravagance. KGK has remained a seat of beautiful jewellery craftsmanship; and the award is in its true sense, recognition of our efforts in putting courage and creativity at the crux of all our offerings. We assure our clients and customers that awards like these only add more strength to our commitment towards ensuring impeccable standards in diamond manufacturing, design, and distribution.

Innovation and Creativity: Defining KGK’s Success

In the diamond industry, success is not merely the result of a diverse product range. Rather, it is about making an emotional connection with end customers with products that are creative, desirable, and trustworthy. The key driving force behind KGK’s consistent creative innovations is its decision to make technology the centre stage of diamond cutting and polishing.

Strengthened by strategic partnerships, KGK has been able to implement an automated production environment for diamond cutting. Some of the highlights of this production environment include :

  • Synova DCS 50, the world’s most compact diamond cutting system for an ideal cut

  • Collaboration with Nishta to expand diamond cutting capacity to larger stones of 100 carats

  • Water jet guided laser beam technology for unmatched precision and quality in diamond cutting

Our technology adoption has helped eliminate thermal and cracking damage. Furthermore, with new-age computer numeric controllers, it has become possible to create ideal diamonds with perfect shine and sparkle that all customers desire. Our production yields have increased by nearly 2% and every piece of our diamond exhibits fire and brilliance from all facets and angles.

Design Inspired From Life

Behind every KGK product is a revolutionary design concept inspired by our in-depth study of changing consumer behaviour and taste. All KGK diamonds are GIA certified and exhibit the 4Cs of International diamond grading system including Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

Diamonds are more than just luxury. They are an extension of our personalities, our passions, and our imagination. With a perfect balance of innovative technology and world-class craftsmanship, we breathe life in our products.

The JNA award is recognition of our consistent and fruitful efforts over the last two years towards making diamond manufacturing innovative. KGK, the top diamond manufacturer in India , strives to further the efforts to add spark and shine to our customers’ lives. We continue to innovate our supply and distribution chain with our new direct-to-customer and online sales model so our customers do not have to wait for long before their beloved diamonds reach them.
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