There was a time when diamond grading was a complex and confusing manual process. This was due to the limitations of a human eye and perception that made it difficult to ensure standardized grading of diamonds. This has resulted in discrepancies between the grading standards and diamond grades of different gem labs.

Take cut grading for example, once it used to be a visual process that was carried out through inspection by a professional gemologist. This process was automated when a software was introduced to provide a computerized and automated measurement of the diamond’s proportions. These computer-based devices were able to deliver accurate results that were simply impossible for the humans to provide.

Development of AI for diamond grading

The constant development of advanced technologies in diamond analysis and artificial intelligence has provided a base for expending AI-based technologies to cover the full suite of diamond grafting. The AI-based technology has positively impacted the global diamond industry by providing reliable diamond grading and increasing consumer confidence.

AI is reliable

AI is more accurate than humans and eliminates the chances of human errors. The AI offers non-biased standardized accuracy that can be leveraged by gem labs to provide consistent diamond grading by strictly complying with the industry grading standards. This has resulted in providing reliable and consistent results that are beneficial for all parties including retailers, gem labs, manufacturers and consumers.

Constant improvement in accuracy

Machine learning is the base of AI-driven diamond grading. The device becomes more intelligent every time it scans more diamonds that leads to constant improvement in the accuracy of the device. Machine learning incorporates the data collected by the device and utilizes it to improve its own algorithms. It won’t be wrong to say that diamond grading will become more efficient and accurate.

With the help of AI-based diamond grading methodologies, the manufacturers can sort their diamond inventory as per the market needs. This leads to an efficient and consumer-driven supply of diamonds. The KGK Group utilizes the AI-grading methodologies to provide an accurate and standardised diamond grading.
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