If you are someone who has a taste for fine jewellery from over the globe, KGK Group has a repertoire of brands handpicked from all over the globe to  offer its customers the very best that is available out there. Find out which brands from across the globe are part of KGK’s world.

The world is full of me-too jewellery brands that try to lure the customers using all variety of gimmickry. Only select jewellers across the world put years of research and experience in their work to give the customer the very best in class. KGK’s Jewellery arm of the business is that part of KGK group’s business where it connects directly with the customer. This segment of the business is curated with utmost care and a fine eye for detail.

As a business model, KGK offers a wide range of exciting branded collections. This range also includes retail-ready display systems. The group’s branded collections come complete with marketing collaterals, ready to go up on any shelf and ideal for department stores and other retailers. This makes it easier for those business owners who are looking to offer high quality, choice and a recognised name.

Over the years KGK group has amassed a well selected bouquet of brands from across the world. Each brand has a niche it fills and offers its customers what no other brand in its segment can.

KGK’s flagship brand Entice offers high-end jewellery for bridal and every day wear. With its retail boutiques in Hong Kong and India, Entice offers contemporary fine jewellery with hints of Indian aesthetics.

The collection of brands that KGK has in its kitty includes Martin Flyer- a brand known as the Bridal Experts for their unique bridal ring concepts. It has been in business since 1945 and it is also the exclusive distributor of KGK’ flagship brand Entice, in America.

For the high profile client looking for a fine jewellery brand for her special occasion there is Gregg Ruth. This brand from Malibu, California is known for its high-end collections and it offers jewellery made with the finest emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Other than this, there is Judith Ripka, which has been a favourite among American jewellery buyers for over four decades. The brand with its radiant creations from The Queen of Hearts is now accessible to global audience through the KGK Group.

The company has something in every price range so that it can deliver world class jewellery to all types of buyers. For the mid range segment it has the brand Kiros. This contemporary Parisian diamond chic brand by KGK Group and Gemco Jewels has all one needs for the pocket friendly categories. Kiros offers a combination of creativity, originality and excellence in mid-range fashion jewellery.

Customers have a basket of brands to choose from under the KGK umbrella. Each brand has been selected after in dept market study and after gauging the trends in the market. After careful selection, and once the synergies of the group sync with a brand, then only it is brought under the KGK insignia. It is KGK group’s endeavour to have something for every customer in its basket. Through these brands and through Entice the group is trying to delivery world class quality to its clientele all over the world.

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