Indian gems and jewellery sector is one of the most significant constituent of the Indian economy. It is responsible for bringing in valuable foreign exchange and contributes about 6-7% to the Indian GDP.

In addition gems and jewellery industry is a labour intensive industry and it is responsible for generating lakhs of jobs each year. This is one sector where India has a strong global name and it is ranked as the largest exporter of gems and jewellery in the world. In 2016 the sector saw exports of $32 billion and grew at a healthy 12%. In terms of segments, exports for 2015-16 included: Cut and polished diamonds: US $20 billion, gold medallions and coins: US$ 5.2 billion and silver jewellery: US$ 3 billion.

There is a lot of demand for Indian gems and jewellery all over the globe. UAE, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Latin America and China are among the most important importers. As per estimates, India exports 95% of world’s diamonds being largest cutting and polishing centre for diamonds in the world. Research and markets expects the jewellery market in India to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.95% between 2014 and 2019. 

The key centres for the trade are in Surat and Mumbai. About 80% of exports for diamonds happen out of Surat which has over 3,500 diamond processing units. These two centres are known for its expertise in the diamond processing space.

The KGK group uses some of the finest manufacturing technologies available for diamond processing. DiaMark™ laser marking, Galaxy™ diamond mapping and Water jet laser cutting are some of the commonly used techniques for producing fine quality diamonds that KGK is equipped with. Natural and ethical diamonds are processed in KGK units located in India, South Africa, and Botswana.

The volumes processed by KGK translate into efficiencies of scale that are passed on to clients. KGK has a widespread, secure distribution infrastructure to supply wholesale diamonds to buyers in almost all significant markets across the globe.

The KGK Group is a one stop solution for all your diamond and gemstone needs anywhere in the world.

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