One of most important things on the mind of a young jewellery buyer is – the uniqueness of the piece she is choosing. The price and size of the jewellery are not the points she is going to flaunt. Instead, she is looking for something that is different from what everyone else is wearing.

This is the reason why coloured gemstone jewellery is gaining popularity among young buyers across the world. For a young shopper right price and uniqueness are the two most important points while making a buying decision. There are an estimated 364 million millennial in China, 360 million in India, 70 million in the US, 60 million in Brazil, 45 million in Japan, 38 million in Russia and 20 million in the EU. This makes them one of the most powerful audiences for all kinds of jewellery.

The millennial generation is keen gathering knowledge about coloured gemstones and their curiosity to learn about the stone’s history and origin is increasing as well. With famous personalities like Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, getting a sapphire engagement ring the trend of choosing coloured gemstone jewellery for special occasions is on the rise. The uniqueness of the stone – be it the cut or the colour both are important factors that affect the decision making.

The millennial shopper wants something that is more personal and relatable. Inclusions in a gemstone that are often considered to degrade its value are something that the millennial shopper thinks make a stone stand out.

The KGK Group has a legacy of over a century in the gemstone trading sector. It has investments in primary gemstone mining in Africa and South America. The group sources highest quality gemstones from Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia.

KGK is one of the few names in the world who are engaged in both mining and processing of coloured gemstones. Their processing units are located in India, Thailand and China and they have a large distribution network to deliver in any part of the world.

It is estimated that the global gems and jewellery market is projected to cross US$443 billion by 2022 and the demand is dominated by Asia-Pacific and North America. The KGK Group is well placed to cater to this demand and the changing market trend in the industry.

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