Month: June 2017

India, the global leader in the gems and jewellery industry

India, the global leader in the gems Jewellery Industry Indian gems and jewellery sector is one of the
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Highlights of the global gems and jewellery industry

Highlights of the global Gems and Jewellery Industry The colourful world of gems and jewellery is growing at
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Craze for coloured gemstones is on the rise

Craze for coloured Gemstones is on the Rise One of most important things on the mind of a
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Navrattan Kothari – A leader par excellence

Navrattan Kothari A leader Par Excellence An organisation is only as good as its leaders. In Navrattan Kothari,
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What makes KGK a great business partner?

What makes KGK A Great Business Partner? Finding the right business partner is never an easy task. It
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KGK gemstones: The royal emerald

KGK gemstones The Royal Emerald One of the most soothing colours to the human eye is the colour
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The next gen leader – Sanjay Kothari

The next gen leader Sanjay Kothari Strong organisations are made of visionary leaders – the path a group
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A glittering success – the KGK story

A glittering success The KGK Story When you think of Jaipur, you think of its forts, its bazaars
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Rubellite – painting the town red!

Rubellite Painting the Town Red! Next time you go looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery with precious
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Paraiba tourmaline – the hottest stone in town

Paraiba tourmaline The Hottest Stone in Town Tourmalines come in all variety of beautiful colour, shape and sizes.
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