Diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world. From ancient times, diamonds are believed to bring luck, strength, and prosperity to its owner. In the modern world, diamonds have become the synonym of love and compassion and very fondly gifted as jewelry and decorative items on special occasions.

People generally face issues while selecting the perfect diamond for themselves. To help them make a choice, here are few tips that can guide you to choose the perfect diamond gift for your special one.

Look out for the 4C’s

Diamonds are mostly judged based on the 4C parameters that define all of its characteristics and worth. The 4Cs include Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat and are the primary factors that decide the price and appearance of a diamond.

Cut : Cut is the most important factor that determines the quality and price of a diamond. A poorly cut diamond looks no better than a dull piece of glass. Only best cut diamonds show excellent light reflection and refraction properties. To ensure the best buy, select only ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent Cut’ diamonds over any other type.

Colour : The price of a diamond largely depends on its true body color. Colored diamonds are rarer and hence cost a lot more than the conventional white diamonds. Pink, blue and even yellow diamonds cost far more than tinted white diamonds because of their shine and reflection.

Clarity : Clarity helps determine flaws in the diamond and their visibility to the unaided eye. Clarity grade of a diamond is judged between a range from Flawless (FL), meaning no imperfections, to Included 3 (I3), meaning largely visible flaws.

Carat Size : Carat is a measure of a diamond’s weight and is often used to determine its purity and cost in the market. Two diamonds with same carat weight can differ in size accounting to the fact that carat determines the weight and not the size of a diamond.

Other than 4C’s, Luster and Fluorescence also affect the quality and price of a diamond. At KGK, we provide our customers with best quality diamonds graded by the GIA and HRD certification. To know more, visit us at KGK Group
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