When it comes to your big day, even the smallest of details matter. From decorations to the wedding dress, accessories to jewellery, everything has to be perfect.In this blog, we have curated somehelpful tips on selecting your wedding jewellery to choose pieces that will best highlight your look.

Do select jewellery that compliments

When choosing your wedding jewellery such as necklace, earrings, headpieces, bracelets and rings, ensure that each of them compliment your overall look. While each of them must be exquisite in their own way, it is important that they also match the look you are going for. Dress your best in a cohesive way.

Do go for quality check

While buying expensive jewellery in diamonds, gold or platinum, it is important to go for a quality check. Check all pieces for the clarity of stones and the purity of metals and buy from reputed jewellers to get jewellery that is value for money.

Do try it before the big day

Give yourself enough time to ensure everything you choose looks good on you. Try everything on to see if the stunning jewellery works well with your wedding dress and hairstyle. Don’t wait for last minute to avoid wedding day headaches!

Don’t settle for everyday jewellery

Wear statement pieces that reflect the significance of the day.Even when it comes to rings, stick to your engagement ring or wedding band. Don’t let other rings in you collection tweak the look.

Don’t wear a watch

Wearing a wrist watch is not such an elegant choice. Choose to wear a handful of bangles or the traditional ‘chuda’ or a shimmering diamond bracelet instead, considering all the close-up shots of your hands.

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