For more than 115 years, KGK Group has been rising into the world of gems and jewellery manufacturing, to be named as the biggest global conglomerates in the field of jewellery today. And it has all been made possible because of the unwavering, steadfast, and unflinching support of the father figure of the group, Mr Navrattan Kothari. For more than half a century, he has led the KGK Group with full vigour, taking the business out of Jaipur all the way to expanding it to the rest of the world.Under the clear direction and vision of Mr Navrattan Kothari, KGK Group now has operations, trades, and manufacturing in 15 countries of the world. It is under his vision that KGK Group now maintains a presence on every step of the spectrum of mining, manufacturing, and distributing gemstones and jewellery. How did it all start, you ask? This article takes a look at the man who made it all possible for not just his family and business, but also for his own motherland.

The Beginning of a Great Career

Mr Navrattan Kothari joined his father’s gemstone business in the year 1960 when the KGK Group was already dealing in coloured gemstones from Jaipur to various cities of India. At the beginning point of his career, a young Navrattan Kothari had the vision most 18-year-olds usually don’t have. In the next 2 years, he realised the potential of his family business and took it to the biggest jewellery markets in the world, Hong Kong. From here, he went ahead many miles, launching diamond sourcing and processing facility in Mumbai. The wave of expansion of the KGK Group has only grown bigger with time, with a number of sourcing and manufacturing plants now open in Botswana, Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique. The KGK group also has a number of different jewellery ventures in India, Hong Kong, and Thailand where jewellery is manufactured and sold both in retail and wholesale basis. The business acumen of KGK Group’s patriarch, MR Navrattan Kothari has led to several collaborations with international associations in the field of gemstones, including De Beers, Rio Tinto, and Alrosa.

The Philanthropist

The quest did not end just at expanding the business in multiple countries; the philanthropic approach of doing good to the society and helping the unprivileged has made the biggest impact on people’s lives. His belief in “the welfare of each is bound to the welfare of all” clearly shows in the contributions that he and the KGK Group, as a corporate citizen, has made to the society. His contributions to education through the SS Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti have been lauded by many, especially for making quality education available to thousands of young people. In fact, he himself has trained more than 4000 aspirants in the tradecraft of gems and jewellery. Going far and beyond is his contribution to healthcare through the Non-Profit medical institution of Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Center (BMCHRC). The hospital features state-of-the-art technology in cancer treatment is majorly focussed on providing healthcare services to underprivileged patients living in remote areas of Rajasthan and neighbouring states. With an international network under the KGK Group, diversity in the organisation has become a huge factor in the group’s success. Fostering the right values has become more important now than ever. In the words of Mr Navrattan Kothari himself: “We believe that age, gender, or ethnicity does not define an individual. But what matters is the potential to perform. We will continue our efforts to make KGK not only diverse but inclusive for all employees. Culture of Care, Trust, Mutual Respect, Acceptance and Encouragement is at the core of KGK values” Most important of all, Navrattan Kothari has shown his immense love for his city, for Jaipur in a unique manner. In 2005, KGK Group took over the work of restoration and revitalising the lifeline of Jaipur, the Jal Mahal. Mr Kothari got the best architects, art patrons, historians, and engineers from around the world and restored the iconic palace of Jaipur to its former glory. Alongside this, Navrattan Kothari has now been actively involved in reshaping the landscape of Jaipur’s real estate through the iconic firm, KGK Realty. For more than 50 years, Navrattan Kothari has nurtured the business and helped it grow to cover leaps and bounds across the world. As a result of his efforts, hard work, and determination, the KGK Group has reached the heights to become one of the top 10 diamond companies in the world . Under his tutelage, the 4th generation of the Kothari family has taken the business further effectively, with the 5th generation getting ready to take the reins.
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