There are few jewellers in the world who control the entire value chain starting with the rock mined from the depths of earth to the sparkling stone set in a piece of jewellery. KGK Group has the distinct advantage of being an integrated jeweller, read on to know more.

Like fine fashion, jewellery is something a person wears close to her body and spends her time in. She wears it to special occasions and quite often, a piece of jewellery marks an important event in her life.

When she goes out to buy such a special and extremely personal thing she only looks for the best and the most trusted names in the business. And it is consistent quality that builds trust over time.

There are very few jewelers around the world who also mine and process their own stones. This unique advantage that the KGK group possesses makes it a leader in the space of fine jewellery. There is never any doubt over the quality and finish of a product as KGK is involved in bringing the entire value chain and governs each step carefully. Therefore, it is of little wonder that when it comes to diamonds, we only source from the world’s best – De Beers, Alrosa Alliance and Rio Tinto. While there may be hallmarks defining the purity of other brands in the market – there can be no better certificate than the trust of the most respected names in the industry.

Once trust is established the next deciding factor for any buyer is design. KGK has a strong team of 80 talented designers in its studios worldwide who create pieces that will delight the intended target audience.

Along with trust and world class designs KGK also ensures that it has a product for every market segment. Its collections feature diamonds and gemstones set in platinum, gold and silver.

All this and KGK is still cost effective. Its integrated operations that span from mines-to-brands help the company give great value to the client. With its years of experience in the industry the company has developed domain expertise in helping customers establish their own branded online sales and distribution network, controlled entirely by them.

For every jewellery need there is a solution available at KGK. The customer has the option to work with KGK studios, manufacturing units and experience to bring their designs to life. Or KGK can design and manufacture for the customer based on his target market. Alternately, the customers also have the option of choosing from KGK’s off-the- shelf collection. This collection is produced after researching the global market trends and using creativity and technology to produce exceptionally appealing collections.

To assure quality and consistency in the product it is absolutely vital to have a strong technological backbone. The KGK Group has a fully digitised design and production processes include 3D CAD/CAM design, laser cutting, soldering and setting, fire assay testing, pressure setting and more. Using an array of these manufacturing methods KGK assures fast delivery of orders with quality assurance.

Being a global jewellery design and manufacturing company, KGK Group has manufacturing units in several important jewellery markets like India, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Each unit has its primary expertise and follows a unique design language. The Hong Kong unit produces luxury products for global markets, the Chinese unit specialises in mid-range products for domestic and export markets while in India KGK Group manufactures entry level products for domestic and export markets. And the unit in Thailand makes mid-range products, silver, diamonds and coloured stones.

The group also has delivery centres in China, India, Japan, Middle East, and USA and it complies to trade regulations in all important world markets.

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