Over the years in the jewellery business the KGK Group has handpicked jewellery brands from all over the globe to offer its customers the very best in the jewellery world. These brands cater to specific market needs of the global audience. Know more about the brands that are part of KGK.

The KGK group’s jewellery business is curated with utmost care and an eye from detail. The KGK group offers a wide range of exciting branded collections. Customers can choose from retail-ready displays or work with KGK to bring out their own designs. The branded collection is for the buyer who is looking for retail-ready products which are ready to go up on a shelf. These are ideal for department stores and other retailers. This is for business owners who are looking to offer high quality, choice and a recognised name.

KGK has selected a bouquet of brands from across the world. Each brand has a niche it fills and offers its customers what no other brand in its segment can. The collection of brands that KGK has to offer includes: Martin Flyer, known as the Bridal Experts since 1945.It is the exclusive distributor for The Entice brand in America.

Gregg Ruth – This brand is for the high profile client looking for fine jewellery. From Malibu, California – the brand is known for its high-profile collections in finest emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

KGK has a healthy mix of brands in its kitty. It offers something in every price range. For the mid range segment it has Kiros. It is a contemporary parisian diamond chic brand by KGK Group and Gemco Jewels.

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