With a legacy that goes back to the beginning of the last century, it is in the ethics of KGK Group to source, manufacture, and process only the best for our customers. It has been our consistent approach to be consistent with every product and service that we provide. And it is this consistency that the world has been recognising KGK Group for. In the words of John Ruskin, a famous 19th-century art patron:

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

The efforts that KGK Group has put in its process of manufacturing jewellery and gemstones is the reason why quality is their consistent trait. However, what are these efforts that make the KGK Group better than everyone? This blog details some of the unique features of the workings of the KGK Group that make them the pioneers of consistency in quality jewellery.

How KGK Group Ensures The Highest Quality In Everything

KGK Group’s Pillars of Quality

  • Work Environment

    KGK Group is well known for fostering the best environment for the workforce, with significant investments made into the facility, technology, and the equipment. This inversely ensures a safe work environment and results in higher employee retention. Since jewellery and gemstone manufacturing is a work of skill and precision, retaining skilled people is of utmost priority. Safety & prosperity, thus, are important factors in the work environment.

  • Equipment, Technology, and Innovation

    What good is a workforce without the right tools? The gems and jewellery industry is always on a rapid mode, always evolving to make work more and more precise. KGK Group makes sure that not only keeping pace with the technological advancements is important but also getting the best tools is equally crucial. The substandard tool will create a sub-standard result always, even in the hands of a master craftsman. This is why all KGK facilities have state-of-the-art machinery and use only the best of tools.

  • Design Innovations

    Designing is where everything begins, even before the raw material is prepared. KGK Group employs the best designers in the field, thus getting a head start in the manufacturing process. Adding to that perfection is the latest technology in designing, including spectrum machines and computer software to better design ideal products with the best look and the best performance (in case of transparent gemstones).

  • Global Affiliations

    As much importance as design holds in the process of creating perfection, getting the right materials is equally as important. With special affiliations with some of the largest diamond mining companies in the world like De Beers, Rio Tinto, and Alrosa, KGK Group ensures that only the best and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones make their way into the supply chain of the world. Apart from this, KGK Group also has affiliations with a number of international governments in order to better source quality gemstones and with ethical processes only.

  • Blockchain

    This is where the need for technology like blockchain enters into the picture. With the use of this great innovation, KGK Group has control over the entire pipeline that a piece of jewellery or a gemstone goes through. This offers them full traceability and the assurance of the highest quality & authenticity.

  • Special Cuts

    Innovation is not only a piece of technology that makes things easier. Innovation is creating something new and improved. KGK Group has always kept widening its range of products through the innovation of special cuts, which gives them a competitive edge over competitors. Special cuts like Liana, Alina, and H&A help the group in delivering quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • How KGK Group Ensures The Highest Quality In Everything

    Quality is a habit that KGK Group knows how to keep. Quality is the reason why the world loves to deal with KGK Group. All the efforts made towards ensuring that the highest quality is the only thing that is delivered makes KGK Group one of the best jewellery manufacturers in India. If you wish to see for yourself the highest quality of gems and jewellery delivered to you, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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