One of the most soothing colours to the human eye is the colour green. No wonder that among all gemstones, emerald is one of the most coveted precious stone around the world. The elegance and charm of emerald makes it fit for royalty. Find out more about this gorgeous stone.

In recent years, many fashion magazines have debated if the precious gemstone emerald is nipping at diamond’s heels to become the next in-trend for those gorgeous engagement rings. This gorgeous green beauty is defiantly one of the most loved and desired gemstones on earth.

Since times of royalties, Emerald has often found it place as the centre piece in many jewellery designs. With the quest for something new and fresh continues among trend setters, Emerald still rules.

Unlike diamonds, emeralds have inherent flaws, which are sometimes hidden by processing the stone. A completely flawless emerald is a rarity! This beautiful green stone found in the earth’s bosom is graded using the same parameters that are used for all other coloured gemstones and even diamonds. The four Cs that is colour, clarity, cut and carat define the worth of the stone.

But emeralds do not occur in earth without flaws so clarity is not the topmost criterion for judging the worth of a stone. An expert judges an emerald by eye and if it appears that it doesn’t have jarring visible flaws, it is considered a good quality gem. In fact, many connoisseurs who know their stones well would suggest one go for an emerald that has some flaws rather than the flawless ones because flaws in an emerald are actually a sign of purity. To hide flaws there is a common practice in the industry of using oil and synthetic lubricants.

Another one of the key features of a good quality emerald is that it should have that lush green colour along with some level of transparency. A gemology aficionado would tell you that when determining how good the colour of a gemstone is – its hue, saturation and tone are studied.

Some of the world’s finest emeralds come from Colombia. But African country of Zambia is also pretty famous for its deep green emeralds. Other than this there are emerald deposits in places like Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Russia, Mozambique, South African, and the U.S.

The KGK group’s mining arm has investments in South America and Africa to make sure the quality of primary gemstones they use or supply is of the highest quality. Being present across the value chain helps keep check on the quality of the raw material and innovative manufacturing and processing units help deliver world class finished products.

Other than its own mine the KGK Group sources from Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Tanzania, Colombia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Zambia.

So, if you are looking to add a touch of green to your jewellery collection, you need to look no further than KGK Group’s flagship jewellery brand Entice.

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