In a world where everything is going digital, the best way to reach your audience has also turned digital. The internet, which was not a large part of our lives just a decade ago has now become integral to almost every aspect of our life. In a time like this, it is just as important to maintain a presence in the digital world as it is to find innovative ways to do something.

While the diamond and jewellery business was completely offline at the beginning of this century, the KGK Group quickly realised how important it was to be digitally present and available to its customers. This quick realisation has helped the group in continuously evolving to the needs of the market. As a result, what started with a simple corporate website has now turned into a vast digital presence all over the internet. The digital presence of the KGK Group in this completely digital age has encompassed all circles and continues to grow. Here are 3 pillars of the new age KGK Group’s online prowess.

KGK Live

Understanding the situation is how KGK Group has been at the very top of diamond trading in the world. Every situation that has presented itself in the last 60 years of KGK Group trading in diamond has seen the group coming up with a novel solution to keep up the grit and hard work. When 2020 hit the world with a deadly pandemic, it disrupted the supply chains everywhere. Not only that, it created huge uncertainties in the demand sector as well.

To answer this situation, KGK Group hit back with a novel solution: KGK Live. An online diamond trading platform aimed at bringing together trusted and reputed diamond retailers to help them reach their buyers. This will not only make the demand easier to understand but will also make the supply process more streamlined and efficient in the long run.


Similar to the online trading platform of KGK.Live, KGK Group also has an online application for mobile devices to address 2 benefits: to make diamond trading available to buyers and to cover the ever-growing dependency of mobile devices in the world. With the app, registered buyers will be able to express their needs from wherever they are and get a faster way to contact the experts at KGK Group whenever they wish to. s

Social Media Platforms

Social media is the way to hit 2 birds with a single stone: you can reach a wider audience while also creating an awareness of your brand. That is why KGK Group’s social media platforms stand at the very tip of the group’s online presence. With engaging content and regular updates on what is happening in the world of diamonds, the platform on social media continues to grow every day and engage more people with each passing interaction.

Online is not only the way of doing things the right way, but it is also the need of the hour, and KGK Group understands this well. With innovation forming the very backbone of the group’s expertise so far, it has now become a leading diamond distributor in Hong Kong. For joining in on this revolution and to trade with KGK Group, send in your inquiry and get in touch with one of our experts today.
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